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Before the arrival of Apple pay in Russia (and in other countries) there was an opportunity to pay by contactless payments for purchases in stores on devices apple iphone version 6 and above, as well as apple watch of certain models and ipad. Bind your card to your wallet you can only have an account in the country that supports the official payments apple pay, the only way out in this situation is to use third-party application that uses nfc phone module. Such application is BOON.

Limits are modest

How do I get a Boon card and link it to my wallet?

1) Register an Apple ID account for the UK.

2) Switch on air mode on the phone. Then connect to wi-fi with UK ip or via VPN.

3) Go to our Icloud account on the phone, go to the itunes store and app store account (the store must be UK, if you select the wrong country, you simply will not find the app).

5) Download boon app, enter UK phone number (you can enter any number, but there may be lock problems)

5) After verification by mobile phone number, you will see your boon card number on the screen in the app.

6) Login to your account and add data there, raise your account level to Basic or Plus (£100 pp or £250 pp respectively)

Which cards are linked? Binds to any country with 3d secure, though understandably UK CC is preferable. Before linking to the app you will need to leave a fingerprint on the touch id to use it as verification when paying later. If you’re already working on ios, a way to milk the device before selling.

buy valid cc

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