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A beginner’s guide and not only, I wanted to write this article for a long time, there was a great opportunity.

learn how to pour bofu (bank of america) may forgive me people who torture her. but I think that not only we need to eat. and some important aspects will be deliberately omitted to avoid strong kicks. But I’ll give you the base. Because I haven’t seen articles on bays for a long time.

And so. We take the startup capital. or just begging, there are already on what is good. go to selleru, ask to sell ak Bank of America with more information. What kind of extra info we need? This is access to:

email to the one on the bank and cheking card information. number, eksp and ccv we need.

furthermore, pay attention to the seller, what he gave us the IP of the Holder, well, and preferably a sox from which it chekkal this account. and so we get

login answers to secret questions password card details email password. and IP and Socks.

We have the basic soup set.

what to do next? of course to go to the account. but how to do it right? take the IP mask and start matching the mask 28.81.*.* Where 21.81. there is a mask. found the socket by the mask. we can stomp in, what to do if not found? take the city as the Holder. and at least the same provider.

Everything’s there. Lets Go.

Enter login, will ask to answer the question, can not hesitate to answer incorrectly, after 2 incorrect attempts, the question сменменться. and you will have 2 more attempts (if the seller is good, he will give you. SOL cookies or regular text cookies.through which, you are not responding to questions right away will get to the answer to the question. (.Sol cookies, these are cookies that leaves the flash, they store information that recognizes you as if you were already logged in from a given computer))


answered correctly and you are asked to enter your password.

voila, we’re on the account.

what to do next?

Next, we go to the guys who make numbers in US under your order, it’s either area code, or zip, or state.We give the person your zip code, he makes you a number by zip code (address and zip code, you can find a little digging in the account.) you got a number.

what to do next? next of course remove all information from the account, since there are a lot of boffins in the logs, everyone wants her. and she is very angry.

remove the name of the holder, the address we already have. remove account numbers is done simply, go to the account (where they look at the history of transactions), on the left there is a button, a view of the account I think. press there. see the account number. removed.

further withdraw transactions, last deposit, last check, last atm transaction at least.

after again we stock up on finances. and go to punch the csn and dob. punch. go to my place to punch in a Credit Report, and a Backgrounder.

what so much has been done already, let’s be patient, there’s more to come.

what to do if the vaer didn’t go away?!

well, we prudently ran a lot of information on the Holder there to CR and Br, you need to add mmn and dl.We give all the information on the Holder in prozona service. he calls. and confirms that he sent the transfer. and the money goes you wait for payment. be happy when all is well.

Don’t forget to keep watching your email for any emails coming in approximate content.

processing your request for a vaer for the amount XXXX.XXX the amount XXXX.XXX is gone and so on

you can put the block on the soap. I’ll post what I have


what software do you need?

VMware configured for UC. There are plenty of manuals on how to do this. get up-dates for your software, with USD box or WAPN use proxyfire with remote dns setting. use paid version of TC Tools, with anti-fraud module to copy your system to the hoster. very useful. delete cookies and sol cookies.

And there will be happiness.

The rights to this article belong to the author. Reprinting, using parts of it, etc. for personal purposes on other resources is only permitted with the author’s verbal agreement.

Copyright (C) 2011 Scarlet specially for www.verified.sc

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