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The large selection of equipment is often confusing. Today we’re going to talk about the Wincor Nixdorf global atm brand, what it is. These atms can be found all over the world. Atms of this company are represented by different series and modifications.

Every ATM manufacturer strives to protect its ATMs. We will not review in this article the features of data transmission protection protocols and security level of cash compartment armor; we will review in details the anti-skimming protection, both passive and proactive. And we will also understand how the protection itself played in favor of skimmers on these atm models.

Anti-skimming passive protection is an ordinary plastic anti-skimmer placed in ATM card acceptors to protect them from skimmers installed in the same recesses. There is a massive information campaign informing cardholders that Atm should look exactly like this and in no other way. And as a result, cardholders memorized by heart the external design of the original antiskimmers. But not all Atm were fitted with antiskimmers. And in some places these antiskimmers were even dismantled. As a result, the entire lineup averaged 50% to 50% with or without antiskimmers, depending on the country and region


Well, since cardholders have become accustomed to the design and presence of such antiskimmers on 50% of atms, skimmers that visually resemble antiskimmers have also appeared.

Look closely at the pictures yourself. Find similarities, possible differences.

Illustrative example.

photos password reklama999

photo 1. atm without antiskimmer

photo 2. atm with the original anti-skimmer (skimming protection)

photo 3. atm with skimmer installed, as anti-skimmer (note the same atm as in photo 1)

photo 4. skimmer as antiskimmer (the same skimmer that is installed on the atm, photo 3)

photo 5. skimmer as antiskimmer (the same skimmer that is installed on the atm, photo 3)

Banks decided to complement the protection and installed the so-called proactive anti-skimming tools. One of such jitter, jitter is a device allowing to make card’s input, output not smooth, but jerky, thus excluding for the majority of skimmers possibility to read dumps, that once again unfortunately demonstrates uselessness of the majority of classical flash skimmers, built on readers, and shows advantages of audio technologies.

As a result, we can conclude that the appearance of antiskimmers on this lineup was the reason for giving the skimmer the antiskimmer form. Well and the massive informing of the population, about the role of antiskimmers on this lineup, and the appearance of such antiskimmers, played in favor of the skimmers themselves.

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