MailOFF offers: Email, Phone, SMS Flood and SMS Spam” jcp cc

MailOFF offers: Email, Phone, SMS Flood and SMS Spam at affordable prices


We have been providing you with Email Flood service for more than a year and would like to announce that we have launched two more new services, therefore offering you Flood:


Email; Phone; SMS.

Today MyLOFF offers you not just any mail, telephone or SMS flooding service, but a brand new opportunity to look at the effectiveness of flooding for business from a different angle.

By contacting us, you will be able to choose a flood service that will strictly meet the needs of your business or provide a quality solution to your problems.

Email Flood – minimum order of 700 emails worth $1.5

And note that there will be some time after the end of the flooding that emails will still be received by recipients.

Rate schedule is built in such a way that the more letters you order, the less you pay (the price is indicated for 1000 letters):

700 – $1.5; 701 to 2999 – $1.9; 3000 to 4999 – $1.4; 5000 to 6999 – $1; 7000 to $1.

Phone Flood – minimum order of 1000 calls worth $9

The service can be provided using your sound file.

Phone Flood service cost (price per 1000 calls):

1000-1999 9$ 2000-2999 7$ 3000-3999 6$ 4000-? 5$

SMS Flood – minimum order of 1000 SMS worth $9

This service is based on the technology of sending SMS from different numbers and with different content. Therefore, an unwanted SMS is mixed with other messages sent that have similar text, making it impossible to detect such an SMS.

Cost of SMS Flood service (price is per 1000 SMS): 1000-1999 9$ 2000-2999 7$ 3000-3999 6$ 4000-? 5$

SMS Spam – minimum order of 1000 SMS of $30 NEW!!!

Now you can send spam messages via SMS. Now you can send out a message with any text to your or our phone databases.

Cost of SMS Flood service (price per 1000 SMS):

1000-1999 $30 2000-2999 $28 3000-3999 $26 4000-? $25

Geography of Phone Flood, SMS Flood and SMS Spam services

At the moment we do Phone Flood in all countries of the world. Moreover, the subscriber’s operator does not matter to us. SMS Flood and SMS Spam services are available for USA and Canada countries.

And some more useful information concerning all services!

We have exclusive offers:

for new customers – free test mailing; for large customers – individual terms.

Every client of the MyLOFF service gets access to the control panel which allows:

track emails/calls/SMS in real time; set the number of emails/calls/SMS; set the time period during which the flooding is performed (from several minutes to several days); set the flood start for the desired date and time.

In addition to the listed benefits of the SoleOFF service, the following can be noted:

ability to choose payment system for the service manually or automatically; flooding to any number of e-mail addresses/telephone numbers simultaneously without affecting the speed; adding multiple e-mail addresses/telephone numbers for flooding at once; competent technical support.

If you are interested in our service, it will be helpful to know that:

we have an affiliate program that allows you to not only offset the cost of our services, but also to earn money.

Be careful, works fake from telegram channel with a very similar nickname. We do not have a telegram channel, all orders are made from the admin panel, which we invite by invites.

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