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So, this article is intended for everyone who wants to mess around with card readers in the hope to make their own skimmer, or just get a reader for free in order to understand what’s written on this piece of plastic. For that only and need not very crooked hands, old trashed player and monophonic 3.5 mini-jack (can be unscrewed from the headphones and then soldered to him), well, actually computer. Instead of the player you can just try to find the right one we need from it magnetic head and mini-jack somewhere at flea market. The first thing pull out of the player magnetic head (this is such a thing, which cracks magnetic tape), then solder to its outputs two wires, which end solder mini-jack and plug it all into the microphone input of the computer (or another audio device, such as voice recorder, but digital, so you can send it to comp). That’s it, the single-track magnetic strip reader is ready If you now pass the head over the card in the speakers you will hear a specific sound. By sliding the head over the track, we get its dump in audio form.

It represents a sinusoid, and the width of the waves (sometimes it is more convenient to be guided by their sharpness) corresponds: wide (obtuse) to zero, thin (sharp) to one.

You can view all this by opening this dump in any audio editor, for example Sound Forge. To automate the process you can write your own program or use a ready-made one (I’ll place a reference to it here a bit later). Next, we need to convert obtained string to digestible (more usual) form, like ;54321 lalalala=0609 lalala? yourself or again with help of program, keeping in mind that in our audio dump first and from the end are a few extra zeros. If you look for the first one and count backwards from it six zeros, this will be the beginning. It is best to make an experiment with your card, the dump of which (at least the first part is its number) you already know, then, having converted it to a zero-one, you will be much easier to understand what wave corresponds to what.

Here is an instruction to help you convert zeros and ones into an understandable form:

As a result, we get the dump without any significant hardware expenses (though with enough troublesome decoding), and also we have a reason to think, what if we attach to the head some radio earwig and put it all into the slot, rather than a skimmer? Or to make a portable miniature reader is easy, just connect the head to the recorder and done, reader the size of the head is ready. For convenience you can make a case for it. Of course, it’s necessary to solve the problems with noise, but let your head worry about that


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