Making money for a living on” briansclub cvv

Stumbled upon the topic I think people here will be interested. I posted it in botnets because ideally write a bot which will do all this for you on dedicates or bots.

So let’s start, the first thing you need is the music, there already as it turns out. Mix a couple of beats yourself or download from the internet and change it slightly, the main thing that the track was 1.20 min.

Then we take a Wifi router which will go to the country and ten phones/Rasperry Pi/dedicates (bluestack runs on the dedicates) on them we put Spotify and spin our (multiple) tracks for 18-20 hours a day. From each such device Spotify will pay you approximately 150$ per month. Aks need to be paid, but there is a lot of them in logs. Canada seems to pay more.

Idea is simple and understandable, but it would be cool to write a bot for this, so to speak mining v.2 )))

Good luck!

briansclub cvv

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