Making schmot around the world (2018).” pluscc cvvs

I will not describe it too much, I will explain on the example of DE, so that the principle could be understood.

It’s been a new trend in the West for a year now. Men don’t go shopping and pick out their shoelaces to match their socks. And the more advanced ones get a remote stylist.

It looks like this you are registering, you specify your height, weight, you can specify the phone number and then you call Bruno and you tell him what you need stuff, there for work or a party or a walk in the mountains. You can specify not to call and you choose for what you need Camelot. Then you indicate the approximate price and Bruno collects you a test package with the branded shmotom (boss and so on) for 800-1k. In the package is usually a jacket, pullover, jeans and shoes all matched to you.

First Cantor: The first pack goes so the second can be done right away and you can punch in a regular eu ss

Second company: Also goes well, sometimes you might get a 150 pickup with a regular card the first time.

Take the drop, the name preferably Klaus Müller, at Bogdan Burzenbekov can not send, enter immediately the first two Cantors as packs went immediately do the second time. On one drop drops four packs falls at once.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, upload photos, link from facebook logs. Leave a phone number.

Seen such shops in CH and NL, I’m sure there are all over the world (EU, US and Sa), Google to help as they say. I haven’t seen any women’s stores like this, I guess women shop there themselves.

There’s also a company: It’s a branch of zalando, it’s harder but it’s also shlut if you take the shares from the logs.

For eyeglasses, you can also make frames to try here and you can choose 5 frames but I did 3 for 500 without payment. In misterspex for sunglasses the memu stick goes well for 500 and an aging of a couple of days.

PS: Long time did not lay out, because the last time I did in October,November. Wanted to test a new but no time, maybe something has changed in these companies but here the concept itself is interesting

pluscc cvvs

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