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Greetings to all thieves and variants!

Today I will tell you a little bit about how to send Western Union transfers to my drops (going to the drop bank takes a lot of time and nerves!) So it’s better to use pre-purchased ss onnline!

For example by ru- suits Sber and alfa,

by ua-rivatbank and alfa.

Crediting WU transfers to these banks occurs instantly! It is enough to come on your cis through online bank and enter mtcn number, voila and money at your card! I want to note that such transfers rarely end up blocking the card, of course, if the amount is not freer)) ! In my case, these were amounts up to 1k.

What we need for this:

registered WU (they can always buy from sellers on the logs, usually these aces in the logs dohera and more! Do not forget about access to soap! ideally, ask sellers for a piece of hooks on this bot! I’ll say nothing about vnts, it will be perfect!))

dedic (not registered on another vu acct and preferably under the state and city of the holder of the vu acct)

ss (personally, I sent to ordinary ss without vbv, passed by eu and usa)

// (I recommend using cc for these countries:


Au De Uk By yusa it is the ss mc that passes more often.

Log in to our account wu, then click the link Profiles, then click Payment methods, and here we see the bonded or not bonded cv holder, more specifically the last 4 number credit card! I want to emphasize, if you bought the account from a dealer, do not forget to ask him to cvv number in the logs of the tied holding company, if available! Enough to tell him the initials of the Holder (or soap), the last 4 digits tied cc and let him parses, not in vain we gave him a ton of dough). If we could not find the cv, then click on the add credit card and add our new cc! Or you can do it directly at the payment! Do not forget that wu as well as other payments, like history, so maybe is worth to bring in the cc and wait a couple days! before transferring to drop can make $50 on the Holder, it’s so that evil people had no doubt in our honest and sincere intentions)) Still very important to look history of transactions Holder, try to send the same amount as in history.

Ps Do not forget that you can always use the service to cash out vu in the name of the Holder and send directly to the host of stipo)! There are people who work on this, he who seeks it finds it!

Zy. This article is an incomplete description of what to do! As always and everywhere in any subject there are pitfalls



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