Metasploit Framework в Ubuntu” free cc fullz 2021

Metasploit Framework в Ubuntu

apt-get install ruby libopenssl-ruby libyaml-ruby libdl-ruby libiconv-ruby libreadline-ruby irb ri rubygems apt-get install subversion apt-get build-dep ruby apt-get install ruby-dev libpcap-dev apt-get install rubygems libsqlite3-dev gem install sqlite3-ruby apt-get install rubygems libmysqlclient-dev gem install mysql

=[ metasploit v4.12.28-dev ] =[ 1593 exploits 994 auxiliary 286 post ] =[ 455 payloads 39 encoders 8 nops ] =[ Free Metasploit Pro trial: ]

[ ] [ ] Metasploit Pro extensions have been activated [ ][*] Successfully loaded plugin: pro msf-pro

PS there are always a dozen more privates in the pro version ) ======================= As a short description, let’s get acquainted with the basic concepts, as well as look at some MSF commands.

Exploit – A piece of code that exploits a vulnerability in software or an OS to perform an attack on a system. Module – A module that automates the process of an attack. Shellcode]Shellcode. It is used as an exploit payload, providing access to the OS shell. Payload – Payload, or semantic payload. This is the code that is executed after the successful execution of an attack. There are quite a few types of payload in msf. “Stager” – A payload broken down into parts. By establishing a connection, the shell is loaded in its entirety. “Reverse shell” – Backconnect shell. “Meterpreter” – Probably one of the most popular, if not the most popular shell. It has a bunch of features: migration to processes; XOR encryption, to bypass IDS and anti-viruses; two kinds of dll injections, etc. You can also choose “metsvc” load, which will populate and enroll meterpreter as a service. You can read more about meterpreter in the articles linked at the end of the article.

Let’s finish with a quick tour of the meterpreter and move on to the msf console.

use – Select the exploit search – Search. The search command is more advanced; if you forget the exact name or path of an exploit, it is capable of displaying all the available information show options. Once you have chosen an exploit, you can see what options are available for configuring show payloads. Msf contains many payloads; you can also use this command to view the recommended payloads for a given exploit or OS info – View detailed information about the payload (info payload_name) set – Set parameters. The set command sets the desired parameters, such as RHOST(remote) and LHOST(local), or payload (set PAYLOAD windows/shell/reverse_tcp) check – Check the host for vulnerability exploit – Run the exploit. When the target is selected and everything possible is configured, only the final step remains – exploit


Also worth mentioning is a little known but useful feature of msf: the ability to create resource scripts. The resource script itself is a text file that contains a sequence of commands to be executed; it also allows you to execute ruby code. These files are very convenient, and can almost completely automate an already easy testing process. For example, it may come in handy for automatically starting a server, or cleaning up garbage.


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