Mini guide from 500 to 50k carge tourism” bingodump

At the end of the year decided to write a mini guidebook of personal experience as a 500 to 50k in less than a year, maybe some of the newbies theme is useful.

It’s no secret that in the world of carding there is a theme on airline tickets and hotels (auto but not yuzal) simply put assets from the mat you translate into a hotel holiday and air travel. In kratsii tell you from experience, where and what pitfalls and nice bonuses await you. Let’s start at the beginning.

A couple of years I was actively involved in the creation and promotion of websites because I had my own web-studio, but I realized that on this much will not do and will always sit in the limits of 1k-1.5k per month ie in the year you get out a maximum of 15k and the prospect scared me and not optimistic, but because I had heard by ear of the dark side of IT, pereodically lazyla read and understood.

In general, the beginning was sitting at home I was scratching my head and thought about what to start with a low cost for example of $ 500 and minimal risk, but because the world of carding is so vast that just one analysis of all the existing themes and opportunities would take a year. Anyway weighing all the factors and not much experience in the past, I decided that it would be logical to start with the one where you already have some experience and what is more demanded in the market! For example in the world of tourism carding most valuable is the ability to get clients because typing deal with hundreds, but with clients is a disaster is like the theme now on the interaktam can fill a lot of people but their brains provide quality drops are few! V omnibus summation 2 2, I have understood that it is necessary to begin to create the project on attraction of clients and at the same time to start at once to search executors, but with it to me has carried as my acquaintance in real life there was just that who could do and hotels and tickets.

The project was not complicated, bought a domain for the project, server, made a quick site, and made pages in FB and VK, while I bought a ready-made groups with a bias towards tourism, which had more than 10k subscribers (you can also nakrut new but the price goes out the same and the age of the group will not inspire confidence) and the main thing to buy an account instagram with 20k followers (then tell why insta important)


The main thing is to promote a couple of pages FB 1 girl and 1 boy as psychologically at different moments of different results in communicating with clients is important gender I decided to do 50/50 and was nakruchivat 5000 (limit) friends and there and then, friends sought mainly 3 cities Moscow Kiev Minsk in order to cover the maximum number of potential customers while trying to nab clients among hangouts known clubs restarans and luxury groups.

A month later, I have a ready site with a good domain in the tourism theme tricking numbers for watsapa and telegram ackeys in social networks insta and two pages in FB from a boy and a girl with 5k friends each. Then begins active work ie filling offers with high quality rest with great savings (I will not unpack that and how, and so clearly). It turned out that wanting to save money on vacation a lot (with pravlem promotion) but now there was a question as not to spoil the project with the presence of % flight tickets and hotel discounts. And the first problem with which we have faced is not all hotels it is possible to make therefore has chosen strategy that clients were offered to choose 3-4 WANTED THEM hotels and that 1 of them will be precisely.

Mostly tried to sell only hotels and tickets bought by clients because the % of ticket sales is and we did not want to lose clients and the hotel for $ 5k was lost. But often came good orders only on tickets where only on them the profit in a pair thousand fell exactly.

As a result, clients often got to do a hotel minimum of 8-10k and they were happy to pay 50%, that is, for 1 transaction you have a profit of at least 4.5k and with the right promotion and luck as a result 5-10k per month fell steadily. Record was we had 27k profit in a month.

Now I will tell you in a nutshell what you cannot do exactly! 1.DO NOT WORK IN THE RU ZONE i.e. no hotels in russia or airline tickets in aeroflot and other russian companies. (the fact that customers from the CIS is another point in p.5 below you will understand the subtleties) 2.Never take prepayment from customers. better let your finished hotel burn out than you jeopardize the project because of the flight tickets or the inability to make the hotel. In rare cases (with regular customers) work on postpaid and even after checkout. 3.Always warn customers not to give their cards at the hotel, all only cash (the best option is a psychological treatment of customers with a slight introduction of customers into the business to say they are paying offshore accounts and after a while doing chargeback – in practice proved that many clients do not care about the risks if you can save 3-5k) 4.Just communicate with customers so that not 100% can help so we do not take prepayment. 5.Try to give the customer maximum info than he risks and how it all happens! Trust me 80% of them understand and are willing to take such risks! And if a shoosh with something that has happened ALWAYS ALWAYS compensate the client to keep him happy and your project will be a long time to live. (for example, now I have about 10 regular customers who understand the theme and are willing to pay every 2-3 months on average 2-3k for the rest.

I will not post the total work so as not to write too much on myself, you know, but the profit for the year was about 100k because we in pripalame ie the outcome of 500 to 50k for the year even slightly less.

At certain moments there was a question that it would be easier to do everything yourself because the responsibility for the customers you and the driver especially put on the small bugs such as forgot to include breakfast, or the date got mixed up a little bit and make hotel no special brains, with tickets more complicated, but in practice the question is best if there is no experience in the driver to trust someone who is well there and for 20-25% ready to work exactly. At the moment I myself know how to do hotels and a couple of schemes to do airline but still do not get into this part because communication with clients and promotion takes a long time, and his hand is better to gain not on the clients but on cats


Now a couple of practical tips from experience: 1. Very good works instagram 70% of customers come from there (send spam in a stupid personal message majors and major with the right text on super discounts and opportunities to help friends save money and get 10% 2.From about 50 hotels was 1 flight at a time when customers were there and 2 of the refusal at reception checkout (because of the test scheme through merch). As a result the best option 100% fail-safe is booking request form scans manual entry via post = check and a minimum of a charter in a month. 3.By air the best proved to be 2-3 days through an agent for cc vbv scans (if requested) 4.Zavodit several methods of payment, kivos, sber, alfa or establish work with the exchanger so there was no problem quickly transfer the money to the client bitok or where you want it convenient. 5.Try to merge customers immediately who start saving $50 from them a lot of hassle always.

Generally, do not kick my first mini guide decided to share the result of a year later. Who liked it and information was helpful plus karma, maybe continue and reveal some more nuances and problems in this topicWelcome everybody.


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