My experience with Ukash in the third century BC.” academy store cc

In this article I will briefly talk about my own experience with Ukash vouchers ( in 2007, which allowed me, a green beginner at the time, to earn the first more or less decent amount in our illegal sphere.

It all started with the fact that, having a meager amount of material in the form of the UK logs presented by someone and due to the penny (with balances of a couple of hundred pounds sterling) accounts of local banks that I pulled from them, there appeared a quite natural desire to use this good for its intended purpose. At Ukash came by chance, how exactly I do not remember, I can only say that in that year or shortly before it, this payment system, if it can be called that, and started its life. Right on the site was an opportunity to purchase vouchers for the sums up to 500 GBP (or EUR) by means of wire transfer. At first, the anti-fraud system was pretty trivial to circumvent, or to be precise, completely absent. Apparently, they felt that by eliminating the possibility of buying vouchers with credit cards, they had completely secured themselves.

All that was required for the purchase was to indicate on the website the denomination of the voucher to be purchased and the e-mail address, after which, having received the details, to carry out a bank transfer. The beneficiary’s account was registered with the notorious Barclays bank, accounts of which were present in the available logs in considerable numbers albeit with meagre balances. Considering that intra-bank transfers were instant, this was a huge plus. The trial purchase was successful and in a few hours I received the cherished 100 GBP voucher by e-mail. In the first couple of days all the available uk accounts with balances from 1 to 1000 GBP were used. Good thing, there were a few sellers of bank accounts on forums, who did not know what to do with such goodies, and some even gave them away for free, not realizing how they can very quickly convert them to wmz almost 1 to 1. There was not enough money for droops, so sellers had no choice but to sell those kind of shares to newbies for pennies or throw them away.

The only way the attempt to buy voucher was unsuccessful was if the banker of the account got hold of it in time and cancelled the payment, which happened very rarely. Average daily income was about 500-700 Vmz at first, but soon rose to 1-1.5k Vmz due to buying small accounts from other countries (especially DE with its Volksbank) and using them (Ukash worked not only with UK, but also with other EU countries). Only TANs were required to make transfers from dopolnitelnaya info.

Income depended entirely on the number of available bank accounts, the supply of which sellers, unfortunately, could not satisfy. Mainly vouchers for 250 and 500 GBP were bought, which were immediately exchanged to wmz in exchangers at very good rates. During exchanging to webmoney virtually no problems arose, money-changers gladly gave not less than 450 wme for 500 EUR vouchers. Only once someone from exchangers complained that the voucher was locked some time after the exchange.

Of course, this could not last long. One day no vouchers were found on the emails. The topic lasted, if memory serves me correctly, about 2 months, during which some very good money was earned for me at that age.

Nevertheless, another option for purchasing vouchers was soon found, but using the more familiar credit card method. As mentioned above, Ukash worked with many countries, one of which was Poland. The peculiarity of buying vouchers for Polish users was that vouchers were sold through a separate website (*** Here everything lived less. Two weeks at most. At first all cc’s went through, then usa cards were cut off, only eu was allowed. Then I got orders only from Polish cents, and then card payment option disappeared without a trace. Also heard that people doing real plastic carding vouchers through terminals in the United Kingdom, then exchanging them online. In theory this option seems extremely appetizing

[I don’t know what’s going on with the system at the moment. I have long since given up on this topic, as well as on illegals in general. This article is an example of how not having money for material you can easily earn very good money in a difficult period when everyone is shouting that carding is dead.

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