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Greetings everyone, decided to sketch a short article on security as I couldn’t find a detailed article on the forums. So decided to write my own. Staying safe online means that when everyone mentions your nickname they get some pieces of information about you and when everyone who has these pieces of information put them together they get a whole picture. Only this picture will not have anything to do with you. I’ll describe it in detail next.

The first and most important thing in security is your imagination. Without it, you won’t be safe. To begin with, we need Buy an account from someone for $ 0.5, and include a search for people. Find a man, and download his photos, the more the better. Next, register your profile, and fill in all the data, such as school, hobbies and so on. What to write there? What does not look like you. Don’t like horses? Write that you just love horses. Write that your favorite movies are Brokeback Mountain and Twilight (you actually like other movies, right? ). Create a second self for yourself. In real life you can be anything you want, but it’s on the internet that you’ll be a completely different person.

The second is the choice of VPN. You can argue for a long time which VPN is safer and which one is worse. The main thing you should remember VPN changes once in 3 days. Join 3-5 services, download certificates and switch from time to time. Services now a lot, and the prices are really ridiculous $ 30 a month is the maximum. You can’t be sorry about $100.

Third cellular communication. Often we have to call/text partners and those we work with. You could recommend using a sim card on a droop, but that’s not it. Buy a sim-card of another country. You live in RU? Buy a UA SIM-card, let everyone think that you live in UA. And vice versa. It makes it difficult to establish your location. Never call anyone. Voice-recognition is a thing for very dangerous criminals, but who knows what will happen in the future? Maybe this technology will become very cheap and someone will already have your voice. So ONLY SMS! Never keep a SIM card in your phone. Send an SMS, get an answer, take the battery and the SIM card out of the phone and put it away. Paranoia, but peace of mind.

The fourth is payment instruments. One way or another, we are going to spend money on the Internet, as well as the worst withdrawal of funds. To begin with, how to deal with the payment instruments: 1. LibertyReserve here everything is extremely clear, VPN Socks to work with this system will be enough, so that here particularly nothing will be written. Register by the way on data of your invented person, or better on data which will be specified in your webmoney which you will buy (if it will be necessary for you). 2. WebMoney well here it is clear, that it is better to use light (though webmoney it is better to not use at all ), also VPN socks. //When logging into these payments also recommended to use different VPN services and socks. In order to log in from different countries and IP addresses.

Now for ATM cards and sim card for WebMoney keeper the seller will offer you to deliver them by train, and logically, it seems safe, but then he (and maybe special services) will know your approximate location. Which is not good. So do not be lazy, and scoot to another city. For example, live in Samara? Go to Moscow for 3-4 days, or in St. Petersburg, look at the sights, walk around, at the same time pick up the ATM and the SIM card. By sim-card buy there in Moscow / St. Petersburg or any other city, the left mobile phone, and use it for this sim card. Then the same operation took the sms out of the phone, take out the battery too.

Cash withdrawal is a problem here too, you have an ATM card, put money on it, and go to an ATM to withdraw it also allows you to establish the approximate city/location of your location. So I advise to withdraw immediately good sums, rather than a little, and do it in the city far from you. Skatauli hung out, took off the money plane returned back. We combine the pleasant with the useful, we travel across the country, and safely remove the moneys. It is also better to change the city. Periodically it is necessary to call in bank, on any questions. Do not spare $ 5-15, and use a caller service for this. Guys work you safe.

Now basic correspondence. Everything can go to shit if you don’t keep track of your correspondence. Of course clearing your histories and PGP and stuff like that is cool. And it’s not to be neglected, but, you have to watch what you write. Anyway, when you work with someone for a long time, you share news from your personal life. For example, you’ve had a baby, and you’re not thoughtful about sharing it with your partner. Now, this is unavoidable, but it can be done to your advantage. Lie, lie about yourself to everyone. On a forum, in a pen pal, in a text. Do you have a cat at home? Partner casually tell him that you have a dog. A boy is born? Tell the partner/partner that you had a girl. So that when your partner decides to draw your portrait, he/she will come up with an ordinary person but not you.

Also help us with our created social networking account. Socialize, make friends with people. But lie to them, develop that skill. Create a second self and you’ll be safe. And when you turn off your laptop, be yourself, and just enjoy life.

Author: qweDevil I will be glad to criticize, remarks, and also will try to answer your questions.

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