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Intuitively we understand each other better, for example, by intonation or other external signs such as emotions, gestures and tone of voice we can understand whether a person is lying or not. This ability to read people makes it possible to understand what a person wants and thinks without asking them directly and to plan a behavior/negotiation strategy to achieve the desired result.

We can divide drop problems into 2 levels. The first level, is the incipient stage of the problem and often it is enough to heal the wounds with simpler methods to get the product out (less often, for the drop to continue working, as often the drop continues to search for additional information and sooner or later the problem repeats itself).

First-level problems occur:

Signs of an incipient problem:

If you think you have a problem or the problem is incipient, you need to take steps to be sure.

The first thing to do is to stop the flood of staf on this drop-in. You also need to make some calls and talk to the drop box on various topics, such as how he feels about the business trip, how he feels about remote training, whether he is willing to spend more time on work, whether he can ship the whole product today (instead of stretching the shipping out over 2-3 days) Talking to the drop box, sooner or later he may not be able to stand it (because he has no special psychological training) and reveal himself, such as by asking some questions about the integrity of the campaign, paycheck or informing in It’s enough to convince yourself that the problem is at the origin and to react in time, so always keep your hand on the pulse.

EXAMPLE OF DIALOGUE (the dropper thought there was something wrong with the drop and his gut was right)

This was the operator’s goal, he made sure the drop was already at the first level of incipient problem, but not yet in a critical state, then the operator planned a strategy of behavior and withdrew all the goods. In some cases minor gifts were actually sent to the drop to back up the words with action, then the entire item was withdrawn and the cooperation with the drop was terminated.

What to do to avoid the problem:

Level 2 drop problems: (Critical condition)

Stage characteristics:

If the drop is in a critical state (second level), it does not mean that the item is lost. It is important to understand that such situations are not often resolved with a single call or letter, and it often takes some time to get the dropship out of the critical state first and into a state where it is ready to cooperate, and remember, if you threaten the dropship, it will close in a blind defense and you will never get anything back, because companies never threaten their employees, but only inform them of possible consequences and take action!

The way to remove a hanging staf is by the THREE-SPIRAL


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