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Given the recent events related to this company (arrest of the founders and refusal to serve American gambling) I decided to publish this article. I hope it will be useful for newbies.

NETELLER, one of the largest Internet payment systems, has explicit discriminatory policies based on race and geography. This article will explain how to circumvent this system’s discriminatory security procedures from account registration and certification to obtaining an ATM card.

First of all, you have to buy access to the VPN server located in the USA. It is necessary because if the IP is from another country, NETELLER will block your account and it will be very difficult to unblock it. We could also use proxy or socks but because of their lack of duration they are not suitable, because if the IP is changed it may also lead to account blockage. Of course you can not let the browser light up RU.

Now you need to get information about a real US citizen. This is usually not a problem, as there are plenty of people online selling other people’s personal information like credit cards. We need to know:

First name Last name Address City State Zip SSN MMN DOB

Now we buy ourselves a normal e-mail (and at the same time check the correctness of the data). After that, we order a number from a “caller” in the appropriate state.

As you know, NETELLER uses a mini-deposit to a bank checking account to certify a US citizen account. The disadvantage of this method is that this deposit can be received even if the name and surname of the account owner do not coincide with the name of the certified account owner in NETELLER. So now we need to buy any active account (even with zero balance). It’s not difficult to buy such an account, it costs about $10. Before you register with NETELLER, you need to know the details of the account, namely: Routing Number Account Number Bank name (bank name) Bank phone number (preferably find the phone number of the bank branch in the corresponding state on the website).

Now you can register in NETELLER. After completing the registration procedure, log in to your account. You will see a page asking you to make a deposit and offering you several ways to do it. We will not make any deposits. The problem is, that on the page that appears there is no link, via which you may get into your account for certification procedure (and generally for account management). But this problem is very easy to solve. All you need to do is to type in the browser the following line: Now boldly go to the account certification section and enter account requisites. will send to your NETELLER account an amount from $0.01 to $0.99. Withdraw from the account. Wait for two or three days and then go to your bank account. See your payment history and look for a deposit of less than $1. The same line will indicate that it came from NETELLER. Just in case copy all line to your file. This is just in case that in case of any problems you will be asked to send a scan of account statement. Now go to your NETELLER account and fill in the incoming funds (for example, 0.23). Now your account is certified. If you need to get an ATM card there are multiple mail forwarding services in the US that can help you. Here is a list of some of them:

When you get an address from one of these offices you need to add another name of the correspondence recipient (the name in which the NETELLER account is opened). To do this you will be asked to send a scan of your passport in this name. Everyone has his own rules, of course. Now go to the NETELLER account and change the address to the one the mail forwarding office sent you. It is likely to be another state, so buy a phone number from the “telephone collector” of the new state, so if you have any questions from NETELLER, you can say that you have moved. After all this you may order the card. This is automatic and you should wait for it for about 2-3 weeks. Important note: at the moment ATM cards issued for US citizens work only in the United States although they promise to issue international cards soon.

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