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Few years ago, racking up fractions on my favorite Cs server, I suddenly realized that it’s time to start thinking about making money. My friend advised me to start online earning forum. So I registered at some forum and started reading, not really knowing anything. In a couple of months my friend taught me how to use the cards. I began to read the articles on the forums. But just where to enter the cards to get the money? In fact, it is no secret that the first card goes where? Right! In adalt. I searched and read a lot of articles, but everything required investments. One day it occurred to me that there were sites where girls undressed in front of the camera. Wow, I thought, combine business with pleasure, just right for me!

And that’s where it all started!!!

A friend of mine was already working on the web by that time, and I didn’t want to jump over the top. I just borrowed his cards, but did not find any use for them until I found those very sites. First, I registered a couple of times on the most famous site And soon I began to notice that a lot of girls worked there, moreover, they were Russian-speaking. I met mostly ladies from Ukraine. After a few days I went to the room with a nickname ******* on the same I chatted with her for some days by e-mail and then in the chat. She told me that she had been working for a long time and that she was “tricking” foreigners with all kinds of gifts in her spare time. Several times she had already met Russians on the sites. Soon we decided why not make some money! There were cards, there were socks, there was a desire, and most importantly time and opportunity.

First of all, a few words about their earnings structure.

There are several girls who sit in the same office. On different sites office earns different % from the visitors, and only 50% of the office earnings are received by the girls themselves (i.e. from 100 spent $ she earns net 25-40 $. Payments on sites twice a month: in the middle and at the end of it. In principle, it is not much, but for the beginner is GOOD. Like all sites dealing with fraud, there was a problem of chargers. Fortunately, not all sites do chargers. She listed me the sites that, in her experience, do not do user refunds. This was most likely due to problematic registration on them and good anti-fraud controls on the billing. Some required additional paperwork to register and prefered member status, without which it was impossible to register an account.

We soon got to work.

We started the job on one of the sites that had easy registration and didn’t do charges. I would go into her room and she would put up a maximum price per minute. I was doing about 10-15 accounts a day. For one account she was getting $30 in her stats. So worked for a week, on her work days, all registrations were successful. The girl paid out of her money vm, there were no problems with them in her city. After successful work she registered personal account in her house. In two weeks we were paid about 1.5 Kilos u.e. After that we got a bit greedy and our account was blocked. So we worked on this site for almost a month. Then the site closed the registration: the work was carried out, the site has moved to a new billing with a very tough antifraud. The work became almost impossible. We looked for other options, but they did not suit me any more, as I was very lazy and I was a little bit bored. We left that job and the girl continued to work in the livery and I did my own thing. In the meantime we continued to communicate, in the process of communication came the fresh idea to open our own office. The girl almost opened it, but then force majeure, she got married to a promising uncle and started working for him. Bummer.


Just recently helped an acquaintance, went to the site where he worked a couple of years ago. The site is again running on the old billing, apparently not enough money for the one with a good antifraud. I have made several accounts easily and contacted my old friends and they say that not much has changed since then. In general, I think that this is an appropriate topic with which you can start and earn your start-up capital. You seem to be not very profitable this business! And in vain. The work is not dusty, and does not require any kind of monetary investment.

What follows is a brief description of the sites, , as well as the necessary software for your success:

You will need: Maps, sox service, desire, free time. Possibly id changer software. If possible VMWare,VirtualPC for multithreading.

Site Summary: is a weak antifraud. Takes 40% of what it spends away from the site. Makes chargers. Medium anti-fraud (still on ccbill I think), verify phone number with bot (skypein is bypassed)). Chargebacks don’t do it. 60% takes the site. 50% takes the site. Not a strong anti-fraud site. Chargebacks do. Not a strong anti-fraud. Takes 50% of your earnings. No chargers. Chargebacks. 60% takes the site. Weak antifraud. 50% takes the site. Chargebacks don’t do it. Strong protection. Strong defense. Doesn’t do chargers. 45% takes the site.

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no cvv sites

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