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This article will cover the operation of the Wincor outdoor ATM.

Baseboard with your own hands. 1. An ordinary skirting board not exceeding 1 metre with a cable duct. 2. A video surveillance camera. 3. 2 lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 1000 mAH or more. 4. Spray can primer for plastic. 5. spray paint, can enamel in metallic grey . …

1. Advantages of such a skirting, the soft edge covers all the gaps and when painted correctly it is difficult for the victim to notice that there is something extraneous on the skirting.

2 You should be very careful when choosing a camera. Do not be guided only by the price, but buy a quality tool. It will be the key to your success. Sometimes it can be sad when you see that there are over 40 dumps on board and the camera refuses to write. You start punching bins and 40% of them are gold and platinum. That’s when you think about savings of $ 50 100 . Immediately put off the Chinese camera pens, glasses, etc. clap with them grief (and besides they are banned from sale), unless of course you have a dealer with a quality device. Almost any device can be shoved into the panel, whether it be a DVR or a mini spy camera from a spy shop. Anything that fits on the plinth. An example of a budget model MINI dv MD80. Video quality can also be 640480 it’s even better, will take longer to write and have time to record everything. HD manufacturers with good resolution tupa sometimes can not keep up with the holding hands because of the frame rate per second. It is also better to use recorders with the motion recording mode. Accordingly, so you will increase the operating time, which can be up to 10 hours or more if you wish. Operating time of the device msrv007 and others like it more than a month without charging, plus it reads from stops. Also, if at night you can see how to blink light bulbs on the camera, they need to cloak. 3. 3.7V Lithium Polymer (Li-Pol) batteries. The battery must have a circuit board which is necessary for recharging it. Buy it at almost any radio shop. Strip and splice all wires together. Not in a chain! Cold affects battery life. If you want to increase battery life in the cold you can google the scheme where the battery soldered transistor heats it up.

4. I think it’s clear why you need primer.

5. To make the baseboard even better, apply the paint in thin layers in 3 times. Let it dry for more than 5 hours each time, not as the instructions say. If the paint is not taken seriously, after the first use you will have cracks on the soft edges of the skirting board, which gives the victim a plus to notice it . From this the consequences.

The cost of such a tool is $75 or more depending on the price of the video camera. Fix everything inside the baseboard with hot melt (if necessary, you can disassemble it all, and holds well enough), sold in construction stores. The baseboard itself is attached to the magnets, who use scotch tape. If you use double-sided adhesive tape, use a silicone tape, because when you rip the plinth, others will stick to the atm to death. And then it will take a long time to peel it off. Often there is no time or possibility to do it and you have to leave pieces of scotch tape, which in turn leads to the fact that you can no longer work on this ATM.


Now a little bit about the antique broom skimmer .

Once you’ve purchased a skimmak, don’t get too excited. Often sellers assemble them without field testing. And on the first day of work you unfortunately did not catch anyone. I got burned that way myself in the beginning. They need very fine tuning and checking. You have to have the right head of the reader. If you collect yourself is not confused where the head reads the input, and where the output. Well I will not tell about it, because it is different with each skimmer.

Attaches without any plasticine or magnets just slides in behind the antisimmer. Hull manufacturers try to fit specifically to the width. Every atm will have a different fit – it may be very tight or not. Be sure to check how the skimmer fits in. Run your skimmer a couple of times. Remember to always have in your pocket knife or something that will skim. If you want to check it, atm may hit the skimmer. That may happen and you have few seconds to remove it. Sometimes on the inside of the muzzle there are teeth on the inside of the card. I usually cut them right away. Try to set the skimmer not hard so it may go up and down a bit and with the help of the card you could level the height. It happens sometimes, when skim goes through the test, but ATM card ate the holder. This could be due to the thickness and stiffness of the cardboard. So use the thickest of your set.

Not much advice from personal experience

Write a dump as 11111111111111111 or the like to the test card. This will save you time and effort for disassembly. You may need to insert the card into existing skimmer. And later your dump will be immediately visible and will be one of the starting points. Maybe not everyone may need it. I just never set the time on the skimmer.

If the Holder ATM ate the card, take in your hand cardboard decent-looking and go to the Atm. How did you get the card? When he leaves, you can stupidly skim the card and sail away from there at full speed. Although you can continue to work until the next victim and see how it goes further.

There was a situation where the skimmer on the Holder got squeezed out. It’s a little more complicated than that. Do not panic immediately come to the place of the incident and under any pretext make it so that it was in your hands. For example, I know what it is and will report it, I will give it to the appropriate authorities or let a gawker see)) and so on all sails)) See it’s up to everyone how to act, you can throw the entire tool plus it all depends on the situation and the support of your partners.

There are atm that react to a foreign object (skimm) how do you check if the cops are coming in 10 minutes after you install your device? Take a simple nail and attach it to the place where you insert the skimmer. Observe from the side for 20-30 minutes if no one came so it is all right (usually check at night or early morning when the streets are empty) this advise suggested more experienced colleagues.

If you had a place you liked and it weighs antique, what to do? Choose the right time. Simply tear off with an ordinary not Chinese knife even if it is screwed on 4 screws (there are some on the glue). All this tales about how to bend a crowbar and dick peel. If there is pore in powohovnitey that will work. This should be done quickly, not more than a minute. I’ll explain why. With ATM is attached loop to the antiskimmer and if it breaks (damaged) is triggered a signal on the remote police or the bank. In my case, he did not break. Read about craftsmen who drill, melt (you need to know where and at what angle) And in general would not advise to engage in vandalism, may end badly.


Never let the tool out of your sight. That way you keep yourself safe. If you have to sit and watch for 10 hours, just sit and watch! It’s not about the money you invested in the skimmer or the victims’ account, but about the fact that you may be accepted without knowing the conditions. This is the most important rule! Inexperience there was a case where the skimmer fell off, and the holder took and glued back somehow, and ran away thinking that the ATM broke. Then you look at the whole picture from the camera and think how lucky you were not lost another 2k-3k green, or even much more and that there was no security service. There were times that in a row two new skimming that did not even paid off What not to be such mistakes – learn from others!!! For even greater security, you can build an audio bug into the baseboard. To hear what is happening online. There are plenty of schemes for assembling it on google. Also in radio shops before there were sets build-yourself. These bugs work on the FM wave at a distance of 50 meters. And to listen to it, all you have to do is tune your car radio.

If you go to an ATM and at the last moment you see that it does not have your skimmer, do not run headlong. Just behave like a normal holder. Approach the next ATM (if any) and check the balance on your card, and then turn around and quickly leave.

In addition dispose of your coins properly. Today you are on a mountain of money, tomorrow you do not have them. Thought we would take more, what do we tsars, but not the task skimmed and again hello doshirak. This many have passed by the ears, including me! You should always have an enriched amount (for a lawyer, a new device, moving, etc.)


Also, don’t forget that you don’t have to work in Russia. There are many wonderful countries where it is safer and more profitable. Perhaps I will write about it later.


Generally, I advise all beginners to work diboldum because of its simplicity!

1 its easy to assemble yourself. 2 guts cost no more than $300 muzzle with antique=total $800 (if you assemble it yourself) or even cheaper. 4 no need plinth, pinpad. Conveniently enough everything is bundled in the muzzle itself! 5 Easy to fit into a pocket (very tiny) so you can quickly and safely put even in crowded places. It is there, and it is possible to catch more than 100 victims because the skimmer runs for 5 hours without recharging. 100 victims =*****$$ fantasy.

Subtleties dybold work, how to glue it hard so as not to fall off, not to break when filming, how to avoid situations when the room or outdoors is very hot and the plasticine begins to melt (skimmy respectively can fall off), the correct location of the camera and etc. described in the next article



If you really want to start working but have no money, you have the option of renting an instrument. The deposit amount is not high. With time you can buy it back. People who give you this device are not afraid that you will throw them because now relevant work with msrv which is almost impossible to decipher in relation to previous models as mini123ex. Accordingly, the chance to get a rental for beginners is higher.

Dib without antique(thick) Used the camera from the glasses… Inside and outside.

Copyright is prohibited. All questions asked here. I’m not selling anything.

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