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From time to time, people without any experience in skimming come to make a purchase. While getting acquainted with the products of our service, (in some cases) the buyer has an understanding (in possible) lack of knowledge, on some important issues related to skimming.

The most frequent question is which skimmer is best to start with. Buyers with no skimming experience, we don’t use the word “newbie” in principle, because a person who was able to find in the sea of skimming forums, which flooded the google, one of the profile, well-established forums, verified and is such a forum, such a person is not a newbie at all


And so, let’s consider without too much water, what this buyer wants. And he wants this, without going into details of what country will work, learn what kind of equipment to start with. Yes, so that equipment suitable for the most common atm, such that would be in Europe, and in the U.S. and the CIS, including Russia. The buyer, although inexperienced, but understands that the carding community is against working in Russia and the CIS countries, but nevertheless (however, despite this) carefully specifies whether the equipment will work for these countries. Well, the point of view of such a person is understandable, and in its own way he is right, being interested in such questions, because it is not a secret for anybody the existence of the so-called double standards, as an example, to discuss the subject of work for Russia and the CIS countries is prohibited, but to work or not for them, is on the conscience of everybody. Yes, and geopolitical events dictate new trends, even yesterday Ukraine was the CIS, well tomorrow is no longer in the CIS. By what country to put the equipment, the buyer chooses. Our service can recommend, but not forbid.

And so, what kit to choose a buyer with no experience in skimming. As a rule, you want the equipment not expensive, for an adequate price, quality should match and the setting should be complex, and even better elementary, and by those countries (as everyone knows what we mean), so that the equipment worked, and preferably the video camera should be built into the skimmer. Indeed, to attach the bar with a camera and skimmer on the card acceptor separately, more difficult than once skimmer 2 in 1. Yes man understands that the jsm and other kits are often too complex, both in installation and in the technical part. Yes prices can be biting, and if you lose a set at the first installation, it is not good. And the skimmer is a consumable, and this should be understood initially. And after reading at least a little bit of theory, one understands that flash skimmers, are already (probably) useless in the regions, where the person is going to put the equipment, and the choice is of course the technology of audio.

A quality audio skimmer can cope with proactive protection in the form of jitter (jitter is a device that makes the card’s input into the card acceptor not smooth, but jerky, which makes it difficult or in some cases impossible for skimmers to read the card track) and with REB (radio electronic warfare, magnetic noise on atm) in most cases will read.

And so, not many skimmers meet these criteria. One of them is the Diebold 2-in-1 skimmer, which has a camera built in.

The skimmer is not difficult to install. Practical. The attachment of the skimmer to the atm, if you don’t go into details, looks as follows, it’s enough on the back side, as shown in the pictures, glue with double-sided adhesive tape on a foam or polypropylene base and attach it to the card-receiver. The camera embedded in the skimmer will record the digits typed on the pinpad, and high-quality audio electronics will read dumps from plastic cards and record them on a high-speed Microsd. Fits all Diebold Optivea brand atms, from those on the photos.

Photos password reklama999

photo 1. atm without skimmer

photo 2. atm with skimmer installed

picture 3. skimmer

picture 4. skimmer

The equipment shown in the photographs is that of our Skimming Service . For further information, please contact the contacts indicated in the advertisement


This atm is distributed all over the world. By purchasing a Diebold 2-in-1, the buyer gets something that meets the basic criteria considered by in this study (well, an essay written to nudge the buyer and dispel the very doubts that may be preventing them from making the right choice)

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