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// Please do not throw rotten tomatoes at me, etc. etc. // it’s just easier for me to answer a clearly asked question on a topic than // write an article. // so looking forward to questions, happy to answer them.

This article will talk about Dating Fraud Dating (eng) dating Fraud (eng) cheating

Where to start? Like every business, you have to start with a desire to see it through. In this case, we will need: Brains English skills at an above-average level Social engineering skills, i.e. trivial scam Time Some services, but about them later

Action strategy: Find photos of the girl. Optimally, photos of an acquaintance, not covered anywhere. There should be a minimum of 10 photos, at least 3-4 studio, the rest home register e-mail like Competently compose a questionnaire and google. Type in a query online dating and register on sites. The purpose of dating is best to put family, we have a serious intentions. Start corresponding with americans. Attention! First couple of weeks of active correspondence from you should not be a word about money, further we look under the circumstances.

Now about services: We need a service for receiving WU in RUUAexUSSR, I know many such services, they can be found on almost any forum. Looking for a suitable service for us, where there are drops of female.

Notes on the subject It is best to present yourself as a woman in the age of 30 years, since not all young people are fools, but not clinical. Drops accordingly look for too suitable age. Never ask amerians for money for e-gold. They are happy to send you PayPal, but where you take it, I do not know. WesternUnion is the best option. The duration of the scam is on average 1.5 to 3 months. Never be cheeky, you can not ask a lot and pull a little at a time, otherwise you will be burned. Although I personally remember a certain X and Y put 2 Australians down for 13k and 11k USD.

And here’s an example letter for you:

Hi mine lovely John!!! I have received all your letters, mine lovely at me the same intentions what you have, but here I had problem, I can not use the Internet services, at me term of service was terminated and I have no at the given moment of the finance to pay it, mine lovely to me any more to whom to address, I very strongly want to have with you correspondence further, I want to learn you ever more and more, that in the future we could meet, for continuation of the attitudes. You have copied such romantic and me very much to like your poem, I it to yourselves in a notebook and when I read it I present you. Mine Prince I need in 94 $ U.S. as I should pay 2 months of service, one month of service costs 47 $ U.S. Mine lovely is my unique step that I could correspond with you, I now have agreed with the manager it the Internet of the centre that I could to you write and I have promised that I shall bring in payment for services during 3 days. Mine lovely if you can help me please, when I have found you, I have ceased to somebody except for you to write and you at me unique!!! Mine dear you can send to me money on Western Union in bank of city Kirov on my complete data which I to you I send: Surname: *** Name: *** Patronymic: *** City: *** The address: *** Mine lovely I shall be with impatience to wait your answer, and with hope that all will be good, write to me very soon, I shall wait for your answer directly now, as I do not want to lose you, yours Elena!!!

// yes, a $94 scam is strong. This is a real email sent by a real // girl, and WU she was taking to her real address, for which she was // listed in the scammer database. =)

Conclusion: This article is just a reason to reflect on the statement Human stupidity gives the concept of infinity

Good luck, everyone.

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fullz shop list

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