online shopping without cvv

Drops from scratch under bays.

Hello, budding dropper. Or maybe a filler who is tired of depending on the quality of other people’s work. I’m going to tell you how to get a bunch of droppers without spending a bunch of dough. To do this, you’ll need a few flashcards, school-level English (yes, even you can steal a drop project) and brains (alas schoolboy, without it will not work). Just need some software. But that’s just the details.

Where do we start? Well first of all with the main point of my statement you don’t need a drop project for fuck’s sake. Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m just talking about writing, or copying an entire project as such. Your whole project will consist of one page, which will consist of a single frame for the whole page, inside which will be the site of a foreign company of your choice. Yes, yes, exactly this approach and nothing else. Here we will hear exclamations that the drop project to lure a fucking handful of drops should be almost real-faithful firm in the U.S. with its address and phone number. We tell them to fuck off because for a novice dropper it’s like a third year set of textbooks in higher mathematics.

Here they will start throwing poo at those who don’t know a fucking thing but want to shit all over everything. They will fucking try another site, they will write to a real company, they will try that the site was registered yesterday. Our answer is simple fucking schoolboy pump if a person starts to ping site, office and stuff he already DOES NOT fit the role of a dropper. Since we are novice dropwalkers, why fuck our brains with such bullshit? Why bother with a non-schibko dumb americ who asks a hundred questions? And then when you get the money will start bullshitting in the bank and you will fuck up your money. This project is a kind of test for stupidity. We do not need it at all, we made it just for the [emailprotected]


Ah yes, first of course we need hosting. I will tell you a secret how I did. Take real office, which works let’s say in Europe, or better in Japan. Register the domain name of the Well here’s an example let’s financially find an office in japan. Well in google type japan financial firm and from page fifty take a firm. Take at least Well now we take a cardboard and here I open the secret cardboard anti-abuse domains))). Never them not localized only if the cardboard died Regan there and buy the domain for example. But I took it from scratch. Maybe this company already has a representation in the yusa, it is better to take a company that does not. Although this is not particularly important. For example once I had Zurich several times. About 10 different domains changed, and all was Zurich this (at the end, the security service of this office wrote what the fuck take yourself finally another office and let the americans shitting bricks on her head). But not the point.

Registered domain, made your own email. [emailprotected] or [emailprotected] you know. For on quarrybuilders and other the first sign of scam is marked as a soap on gmail. For the sucker we are looking for own business soap which we will have it already an indicator of that firm surreznyaya. I almost forgot to make a few backup domains on other cards. Plus make the same and the usual soap can be after hiring drops (or during) say here is my personal soap if that write there. It is like my personal email but it is better to work (in case of your domain location you will be able to say that you will be DROSSED by your competitors or something else, so while you will write from your personal email or from another domain)


So we registered a domain made so that our page either redirected to the real company in the hell, or make a frame the entire page, which displays the entire site of the real company (better this option because in the browser’s upper troke will be our domain.) Here is the drop-down project is ready. HOORAY! But wait, this is just the beginning. Where the letter where the contracts? AGA! Here the detractors are already warming feces in their pants in order to throw them in our direction. Calmly, everything is under control. There are plenty of anti-scam sites. What? Is that a bad thing? . It’s our source of knowledge. There’s a whole chain of correspondence on there. Like , but that’s just an example. I looked elsewhere.) You can even find entire contracts. Here we take for example scam emails where they are recruiting at financial jobs for example. Better at once and dig up the contract. Trust me!

You can also do this way first find a good scam letter (a whole chain) contract. We read what is there in general and already on the basis of this material look for a company that is suitable. Well, we even have letters.

You can spam quietly, you can spam too!!! Options search in the logs akk nabogoguda kompanii and grabbing handles names and soap operatives who are looking for part-time job well generally can think of in what category look for. But be warned, there are plenty of niggers out there who won’t mind stealing your dough. They won’t even ask for a phone call when they hire you. Also, all Chinese are scammers too. So, to all kinds of soaps, Abdulfatahs and Hun Mut Chins, you do not have to answer. Although there are times when you get just the most valuable people. (Which after a few fillings of bank account they tell me that their bank is dead. I will open an account in another bank and they are all morons))

Fucking pump is so many letters. In general, the basic idea I understand the continuation will make in another article

(from) KarstenJancker for

TO BE CONTINUED because the topic is covered in a little less than half… the second part will be about how to fuck with the spam base, how to spam on the fly, etc.

If the first part is enough for someone to make a couple of normal drops, here’s some info for you to think about.

If a wielder has no chargebacks, the dropper can get fucked up in the bank. In addition, the waiver can break the bank’s account at immediately. With ACN the time for chargeback on transactions is 30-50 days (check wikipedia). So think about it. You need the dough at once and risky, or you will use dropp a hundred times, but the money will go to him from one to five days. According to the same scheme, it is possible to mutate droppings under densevukh.

P.S. Although this is an article for a contest, it was not written for profit, but for education


online shopping without cvv

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