Part 2. Randomizing the bat 2. Continued.” buy cvv fullz

Part two. Randomization in the bat. Continued.

In the first part, we looked at randomizing text. Now, as promised, I will write how to randomize Subject and how to select a random photo from a folder.

Random Subject is done as follows.


Don’t forget this icon at the end Who doesn’t know, this is when a macro is used in a macro. The macro is placed in , and if the macro is in a macro, then %COOKIE is a random motto from the file. Instead E:Pathsubjects.txt writes its path to the file subjects.txt In subjects.txt we write our subjects with line translation (enter).

Hi Hello Hi Pendosina and so on .

Do not press any unnecessary interval or you may get an empty subject. Insert a macro, for example %TOFNAME will not work. Maybe you can do something to insert macros here, but I haven’t dealt with it.

How to choose a random photo.

There is no such feature in the bat directly. But you can use the familiar %COOKIE macro.

Create a folder with photos e.g. E:pics let it contain 5 JPEG files Create PHOTOPATH.txt file and write it in quick templates %ATTACH=%COOKIE=E:devizyPHOTOPATH.txt

In the PHOTOPATH.txt file

in each line write the path and file name of the picture.

E:picsshablons1moyafotka.jpg E:picsshablons1melolka.jpg E:picsshablons1hipendos.jpg E:picsshablons1MEE.jpg E:picsshablons1photka.jpg

How to do delayed sending in 1 minute intervals.

1 way.

Let’s use our favorite macro %COOKIE

Writing in a quick template


In the minutes file we write

1m 2m 3m 4m 59m[/ DATAENCODE]

Don’t write more than 59 minutes, or it won’t work. Because 60 is an hour. Then you have to write 1h 1h 1m and so on.

Agreed, cumbersome to write

1 2 59

But you don’t have to plug in an extra module. And you can do more than an hour.

2 Way

Plug in the Mymacros 1.11a add-on There will be additional macros including the %Random macro

I will not describe here how to connect the module, google and yandex to help.

Write %POSTPONE=%Random(1,59)m

in a quick template

If you need 10 letters, write %POSTPONE=%Random(1,10)m


No more than 59 minutes.

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