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Good afternoon. I would like to tell you how you can fool around with SHOPS or other Stores that use PayPal.

To begin with, let me briefly explain what the topic is:

1) The topic is how to possibly pay through PayPal without the cardholder getting anything. 2) How to make the shop think that you are a real cardholder. But you have a different email.

Waking up this morning, it dawned on me that it was possible to cheat an entire defense. After all, PayPal is essentially just a piece of the puzzle. Let’s say we have. CC( and everything attached to it) to which the account is tied (of course verified) but we don’t have access to the e-mail and the account. And as in this case, everyone thinks they will get the money back, the usual refound. But it was not there. Usually, when you buy CC, you are given an e-mail and mobile number. Well I think further you understand what I will not enter there as cardholder will see in his e-mail and his phone, so there was no prerecord. We just change the number at the end and the letter of the e-mail / Let’s say the phone is 1-555-459-469. We change it to 1-555-459-468. Same with the e-mail.

Now here’s the fun part. When they send this kind of message to your e-mail.

But here the most interesting thing begins. Of course, we as intelligent people understand that if something goes wrong, it will be a very unfortunate outcome.

In response, we write this:

Later they write this:

But here we are not confused with them.

And that’s where we get smart. How do we send an e-mail from somebody else’s e-mail address? And then I remembered the other day a good e-mail spoofing service


And there I typed a letter:

Of course, by substituting the e-mail address to which the card is linked.

Well, that’s pretty much it. An hour later, I got an e-mail.

I think you get the picture. Don’t judge my article harshly. This is my first time writing it. I’m glad I could help.

paypal fullz

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