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~ We are very happy that we have been able to deliver on these promises and despite our track record we do not back down from our words, and continue to hold the bar, even in the toughest times of service. Over the years, our service rotation has included 9 states (CA, PA, NJ,FL,IL,NY,TX, WA, CO,) we even managed to work in Canada! All things can happen, both good and bad, but most importantly, all the people who cooperated with us were happy with the quality and speed of work, which is, in fact, the main thing we focus on. ~ Our support team successfully mentors and guides dozens of new people on the right carding path every month and gives practical advice where needed. ~ And yes, FRIENDS, we continue to be a breath of fresh air amongst the tired and overly picky pickup services in this country. ~ But that’s all lyrics, we’re used to proving everything with deeds! Let’s get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the service: Conditions:

1. Total cost of the pack must be at least $1,000 (at the minimum cost on amazon). 2. Payment is made within 7 business days after the pack is raised in BTC. 3. If we didn’t pick up the pack within 5 days and it’s turned around, we pay compensation of $100. 4. Compensation is not provided for the following reasons: shop deployed pack, at the branch to identify fake ID, not what you entered (pack opening is recorded, if necessary, we will provide a video). 5. Hold the pack you do yourself. 6. We are engaged in the transfer, all conditions are negotiated individually. 7. We are doing a pickup in store (apple, bestbuy, homedepot, walmart), and in shops where they do not require a credit card 8. Working states are listed on the pickup map.

Job information:

1. List of products:

https://pastebin.com/fB6DHfDg (the percentage that you receive from the minimum price amazon) We are not limited to this list, we are ready to consider any liquid, as long as the amount of the package was from $ 1.000

2. Pickup map:

https://tinyurl.com/ya3hc7g6 You can monitor the working status of the states by it. The state is in operation if the zone is activated on the map, if the zone is deactivated, the state is temporarily inactive. Also on the map marked black departments ( black and orange tags). Black tags are branches from where we will not be able to pick up your pak. Orange tags are pickup possible under certain conditions. If you have any questions about the pickup map, be sure to email the support team.

3. order of transmission of information:

tracking number name and address of the cardholder link to ordered goods or description address of branch or office to pick up the package

5. Contacts:

Jabber [emailprotected] Telegram ninjablack63 Beware there are fakes. And we don’t have a telegram channel.

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