Poker: How to start and not end :D” auto cvv shop

Many people are attracted to poker, but why? Some people think that you can earn good money here, some think that it is a very easy topic, others dream about being the world poker champion, everyone has his own motives, his own thoughts about it, but in essence we swim in the same swamp, in the same rooms, we withdraw to the same payments, in short, everything is the same for us.

So, you’ve learned the theory, you’ve learned how to hammer, so what’s next? And then let’s start slowly picking our direction. I’ll start point by point, and you choose what interests you most.

Option one seller: You can sell accounts for $30 to $50 on the forums. Personally, I think it’s a pain in the ass. Competitors a lot, the yield from one account ~ $ 15, no consistency, a lot of people you depend on the seller cards, dedicks, buyer, forum, etc. And even more, why learn the theory? We decided to do poker, not beaten up, so I think the first option falls away.

Option two pourer / sinker. You can pour himself on accounts, and withdraw the money on WM. Pros all depends on you (only partially on sellers of material), cache immediately falls on WM. Cons of SB poker room, which will banish you for plums. I do not like to lose for a simple reason, you make a deposit with your hard earned money, you fuck around for a few hours and in the end you get a bust and all your efforts are for nothing. No, it’s not so bad, if you lose successfully, losing lots will be rare, but they will be, so I do not consider this option because of the additional hassle.

Option three partnership. My favorite option, the essence of it is as follows, win an account, and give nalschiku, and get their 40-50, or even more percent. Pluses minimum investment (material), a good return. Lessons will cheat collector. Renter scam has its place, but in our business, there are some pretty decent people who, even if you lock accounts, you will plant another hundred on the material. Another minus lock account, well, I think it’s not a minus, but even a plus, because it will point you to a mistake, that somewhere you did something wrong, and the next time you do not make a mistake. And if you were wrong, you have only yourself to blame. Personally, in my opinion, this is an ideal option in our business.

Option four is your own bicycle. Exactly like option three, only you will pour yourself. Pros are more money from the account. Cons are time, extra fuss, etc.

In general, it is such, introductory course, if you have any questions, write, we’ll discuss //Peep in a topic, and not to me in ICQ/Jabber, I’m too human, not helport .

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