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5. POS-terminal installation.Each bank needs to apply for POS-terminal installation. Application of a Trading and Service Enterprise (TSA) for the conclusion of an Agreement. This is the list of documents to be submitted to the bank for review. After review and verification of which the bank comes to a decision to install a POS terminal at this enterprise. Installation and review of the application usually takes 14 days. Here is a sample list of documents required by the bank (it may vary slightly depending on the bank)

Legal name

Legal address.

Actual office address.

Terms of use of the premises (ownership, lease)

Person in charge of card acceptance

Contact phone, fax. E-mail address, E-mail

The actual name (shop, mall, supermarket … etc.) in Russian and Latin transcription

Branch location (mailing address)

How to get there (subway, street, house)

Required number of imprinters, (POS terminals), stickers.

A brief description of the goods and services provided.

Opening hours.

Branch contact person (telephone, fax).

City code and phone number from which authorization will be requested .

III. Data on executives (president, director, chief accountant):

Last name, first name, middle name.

Position held.

Passport data.

серия___________________номер___________________выдан __________________________19_____г.

кем выдан___________________________________________________________________ ____________

Contact telephone, fax.

The bank has the right to run a full background check (legal and private) and refuse without giving a reason. Therefore, take this matter seriously. Once you have applied to the bank for the installation of the POS terminal, try to be in the office during working hours or set a call forwarding to your mobile (prepared in advance, of course with a SIM card for the left pass). This is necessary so that the bank employee was always able to contact you and ask their stupid and tricky questions. Once you are informed of the positive decision and told the date of arrival of bank employees to install the POS terminal, you need to decide who will meet him at the office. As this person has to perform the role of cashier in the company and from him the bank employee may ask for passport data. Bank employees install POS-terminal and all the necessary literature, consumables for FREE!!! And here is the joy you have been supplied with the long-awaited POS-terminal!!!

That’s about what it looks like. If you have any questions, anything I can do to help.

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bank login fullz

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