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Merchant account.

Differences between MA opened in the bank and MA opened through MAP: BANK MAP Fee % – Fee % Transaction fee % – Transaction fee % Payment terms – Payment terms Receipt limit $ – Receipt limit $ Also when you connect MA at MAP, payments are made on the Internet page of MAP with the AntiFrauda settings that it put. And when working with the bank, payments are made on the page of your online store and set up the AntiFrauda system by yourself. It may be noted that almost all banks refuse to connect the so-called HighRisk Merchant account, but here IAR comes to their aid. Another advantage of working with a bank is the possibility of returning the money to the customer so-called MONEYBACK.

I would like to return to chargebacky as it is one of the most important issues in MA. As you have already understood chargeback is a return of money by the issuing bank which was withdrawn by the CC of the cardholder. The issuer bank returns the money to the cardholder if the transaction is fraudulent or the cardholder did not receive the full amount of services or goods, thus the cardholder pays the issuing bank $ 25 for the chargeback and the money needed to make a new card. If we can’t prove fraudulent transaction, the cardholder will still pay the $25 fee. Bank issuer in turn will charge your MA $45-60 chargeback amount per chargeback (as stipulated in your contract with the bank or MAO that opened your MA). Visa and MasterCard set the chargeback ceiling – 1-2.5% of total turnover. This implies that when exceeding this limit you automatically close MA and freeze the funds available in the account. The fact that the profit of the card issuers is not more than 3%, with the fact that fraud (no internet) take away from this profit 60-70%. There are chargeback reason codes, for example: MASTERCARD CHARGEBACK REASON CODE 53: Not as Described A cardholder returned (or attempted to return) goods or services to a merchant because they did not conform to their description. This chargeback covers disputes about the quality or workmanship of the product or service, as well as disputes about specified color, size or quantity, etc. MASTERCARD CHARGEBACK REASON CODE 59:

Services Not Rendered

A cardholders account was charged for services that were not provided. This reason code does not apply to quality disputes. Disputes under this reason code must be categorized as one of the following:

(RS1) Merchant unwilling or unable (e.g., out of business) to render services.

(RS2) Services/goods were paid for by other means (e.g., check)

(RS3) ATM cash disbursement funds not received or received only in part. (Not applicable for alleged fraud)

(RS4) Airline bankruptcy and failure (i.e., not providing service)

(RS5) Disputed no show hotel charge from participation in the MasterCard Guaranteed Reservations Service emco: The laws of some countries, such as the U.S. and the U.K., directly obligate issholders to assist in resolving disputes in cases where services/goods were not provided/delivered or were of inadequate quality.

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