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This is the second part of a Long Story titled: Why are the horses bursting in your inbox


It’s been a while since I promised to write something new and now I’m going to take the opportunity to try it


I’m going to start this story with an Interview and try to explain just how important the call-through is when dealing with drops.

First, let’s understand what an interview is in the carding world and what it is like


The first type of interview Classic is when we call a drop-in and have an interview with him similar to a real job interview. We ask the horse questions, we answer the horse’s questions the same way. We talk about the company, skillfully embellishing all the good sides and cleverly masking all the shortcomings of our activities. Telling about the duties of the drop, the conditions of work, of course we do it in embellished form (but very carefully)


We want to stand out from other companies and show the donkey that this is a better job, it will be easier here, more free time, good salary, excellent benefits, career prospects, etc. Very often we ask the following question: Do you have other job offers? Or: And by what criteria will you choose the employer? What do you like about the other companies? What don’t you like?

Thus by wiping the victim, we get enough information from him so that we can build a competent strategy that will allow us to move forward


The second type of interview is called Custom (sometimes it is called Aggressive), which differs from the Classic method in that it is built on a different script and is more similar to the technique of selling


In this method, the attention of the interlocutor is captured from the very beginning and with the help of answer questions (feedback) the donkey is led through all the upland carding from which he enjoys the beautiful scenery


In short, it might look like this:

Mr. Donkey, I salute you Tell me Mr. Drop are you still looking for a job? Great! my name is Uncle Vasya and i’m a company representative… we’ve reviewed your resume and now i’d like to tell you a little bit about our company. We are such cool guys, you do nothing, you sit at home and get money and ask: Are you interested? (Well, the obvious thing that he is interested in it) further run a horse on all the nuances, explain the terms and conditions without straining offer it is absolutely free to try yourself for a week (to process 3-4 packs without any obligation) During this time, test the horse and look at her. The horse is getting used to the saddle and after processing a few packs we sign the docks.

To describe the whole scheme takes a lot of time and besides that, the approaches used are different depending on people’s social needs, so now we are just flying over the tip of the iceberg


The important thing here is to keep Feedback (ask questions and keep the dropbox outside in an UpTime state)


When calling out is very important:

Maintain a state of up-time by asking questions, listening carefully to the donkey’s intonation and all the signals the donkey sends us.

It’s safe to say with certainty that a good prowler is a Powerful Radar that gets all the signals from the drop.

Uptime is the state of being outside and receiving information from the outside world: like when we’re told something very important and we’re listening, is the state in soccer when the goalkeeper is concentrating on the ball before a penalty kick is taken, is a tennis player waiting to serve..

If we continue to talk monotonously without asking the donkey any questions (without getting feedback), the donkey will gradually begin to move into another down time state. At this moment you are telling him something, but he is not listening to you and is thinking to himself: FUCK, he is cheating again, again he won’t get paid, he’s telling me too much… you should hang up (you have probably noticed it very often, when you are telling him something and the other party hangs up the phone)

In this internal state, the donkey will already perceive information through its inner world and experience. And this is the grid (the inner world of experiences and experiences) that he will try on you.

Thus, by constantly asking short questions like: Do you understand this? Are you comfortable with this? Are you able to do this? Do you want to start tomorrow or on Monday? ( we don’t ask if he wants to start at all, we don’t give that option is a no-choice technique, but this article is not about that)

The Ringmaster is a man without emotion, he will never allow himself to raise his voice to the drop and will deal with it all using his Authority The Ringmaster so influences the drop that the drop takes that the Ringmaster is Dominant

This way the caller always works as number 1, always leads the drop. If the drop leader leads the caller (gets him involved in his questions or concerns) then you have a problem. This is not to be confused when the donkey is trying to lead you and when the donkey is talking about his problems, which should be listened to.

The situation when the donkey talks about his problems (but at the same time the donkey already agrees to work but hasn’t said it yet) is such a situation in psychology, when the donkey lacks some water for making a decision. And by listening to his problems and telling how people solve these problems in the company or have already solved them you can make yourself a golden drop or a golden dog, faithful and serving for at least 30 days out of which 22 working days.

Analogies of duffel carding

People perceive direct speech poorly due to the structure of their psyche, so analogies work very well. For example, we want a person to close a window, because we are windy: If we say close the window, it blows, most likely in response we will hear: Go close it yourself or You need it, you close it. (all right it will be so) But if this phrase will sound to your interlocutor: Wow, what a draught you have on your back (and at this moment with your palm as if at the level of the body we try a draught), remember that, grandfather died of sciatica (we did not ask to do anything and the person stood up and closed the window)

If the donkey can’t make any important decision, you can tell a story about a person who was the smartest but he didn’t dare to do something. And other people who were stupid, they were simple and did it. And so the stupid people left the settlement and survived, and the wise man died hungry and sick and no one remembered him anymore (approximately the point is that we did not directly tell the donkey to do something, he himself must understand it after hearing the analogy. For example, doctors who treat diseases with hypnosis constantly tell metaphors, such stories with analogies, where a person has an opportunity to look at himself from outside)

Keeping drops alive A lot of people don’t pay drops is cool. I don’t pay either

Whether to pay or not to pay depends on your customers. If you are a vendor and you have a serious commitment to your customers then you need donkeys that work for more than 30 days, another approach and another responsibility!

If you are an amateur like me, you can not pay drops and use them 30 days and take new ones. So it all depends on external and internal circumstances and needs and resource

For the donkey to work smoothly, its battery needs to be maintained. It’s like the battery in your phone, it runs out and you can’t make any more calls

How do you keep a donkey alive?

Make small payments under the pretext of paying the basic salary later Call and write to dropp more often, asking some questions and watch carefully how he answers them (the questions do not have to make any sense) And one day you may see that dropp answered differently or started yelling that he needs money, etc. This way you can very quickly react on the first stage and block the incoming staf. At the same time you need to start treating the donkey. Treatment starts with milder drugs, if we see that the problem is serious, then the staf is blocked and the scenario begins to withdraw the hanging staf. Staph can be eliminated in different ways, personally I have been able to do it many times and completely 100%


Scenarios are different, and I will try to describe them in future articles when I have some free time.

And don’t forget to give your donkeys presents as another way to keep them alive, but we’ll talk about that in the next articles


P.S the author of this article promises nothing and is not responsible for anything, he only tells stories in which he was involved or witnessed such events

Very often I get asked questions: Is it better to offer work in the office or at home?

Part time or full time?

I have always been quite flexible in this matter, all options are offered to donkey, namely: You can choose to work in the office or work from home, choose to work a full day or just a few hours while being able to combine this job with another while still meeting your work obligations in a timely manner


There are a lot of serious and responsible donkeys among those who want to work in an office full time. And it won’t be a problem if that person works some 30 days at home


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