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There might be similar articles here already. Please don’t be sarcastic in the thread, if it’s not useful to you just pass it by, but judging by how many people still don’t use encryption when communicating in jabber, I decided to post it here.

I believe that every person who respects themselves and their partners should strive to communicate safely online, as this is one and not a small one of a number of security vulnerabilities for you and me.

The article is written in popularized words and there are many newbies who have already configured GNU PG without any additional help or advice.


Must have PSI installed, or better yet PSI poured into the archive, along with GNU PG software seems to be clear.

Next: -install gpg4win. During installation, check the box to create shortcuts on the desktop. Installed rebooted the computer. After installation on the desktop icons appeared gpa and kleopatra -Now we need to create our own key for encryption, click on the shortcut Kleopatra, run the program to create a key in the program click File, next New Certificate, next Create a personal OpenPGP key pair, then fill in the fields, write the name from the ball (preferably not Russian), just can specify a non-existent email, the field Comment may be blank. Farther we press Next and Create Key, then an empty field will appear, where you have to endlessly poke and shuffle the mouse until the field for Passprase will pop up.

In this field we write a phrase in English letters, preferably not a popular, but preferably something in Russian, but in English letters, it will be good if you use numbers, symbols like !¹;% and capital letters. The main thing that the phrase was not too primitive in spelling (not less than 15 characters), but also not difficult, since when communicating then have to enter it by hand quite often. For example the phrase: Poshel na hu! Golovojop! 11 like this in 26 characters Passprase created then click Make a Back up Of Your Certificate select a folder where we have it will be dropped just in case, save it and in the program click Finish and close Kleopatra.

-then we need to install our key in PSI and exchange with the Public Key parts: . Launch the second GPA tool, it should have our key (depicted as a golden key and the silver one after it). Then launch PSI right click on the account and select Modify Account in the window that will appear click on the tab Details and press Select Key, then click on the name you have chosen when creating a key and email address, click on it to be highlighted and press OK, then Save.

-We have assigned our key to our PSI account, now we need to exchange the public part of our keys with the other party to get the encryption:


-to do this go to GPA, select your key, press CTRL C and in the window that will appear Close and send the copy to the friend you want to set encryption (CTRL V send message). And then we can ask the other party to send him the public key in the same way. Finally we get the same process like we sent him, copy it from beginning to end (without leaving anything out!) Go to GPA and press CTRL V we added his key to GPA. Go to PSI, right-click on the Contact List of the sender you just keyed and select Asign OpenPGP Key and click on Choose Key Manualy. A window will pop up where we need to select the sender’s key we just downloaded and added to the GPA. Highlight it and click OK.

Now close PSI and run it again. Your buddy must do the same. Now let’s try to send an encrypted message to the other party: open the message window and click on the lock in the upper right corner so it turns yellow. Write: Test Send Message make sure that while the lock is lit messages are going from you to the other party and from him to you which means that the encryption is configured correctly. From time to time pops up a window where you have to enter Passprase, it is annoying but can not be helped.

If you don’t succeed at something before you ask questions, try re-reading carefully and trying again yourself.

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