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Configure OTR encryption in Psi For those who don’t have Psi, download: Psi 0.15 rus Download the encryption plugin: OTR After downloading the plugin, place all files in the C:Program FilesPsi folder

Next, start Psi, either log in or use an existing account.

Go to settings, plugins tab, select the desired one.

Activate the plugin.

Choose your account and generate a new key.

Close the settings window, open the chat window of the contact with whom we are going to encrypt data. Call the menu and click OTR Messaging [unknown].

Жмем Start Private Conversation.

Confirm key creation.

Verify obtained key.

Выбираем Authenticate contact

Select the verification method and confirm by clicking Authenticate

Our contact has a drop-down menu for selecting encrypted and unencrypted data transmission.

You can also force Psi to force encryption for all contacts, and several other options.

This completes configuring Psi to work with OTR.

Reprinting and posting on other resources with my permission ([emailprotected]). Copyright (C) 2011 FNShack specially for

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