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After trying out various GPG encryption software, found the most convenient option for me and decided to share it. The main advantage in comparison with other software variants is completely portable Psi Gpg bundle

This article describes how to configure GPG encryption in the Jabber client Psi portable and how to work over the TOR network.

You will need the following programs

Psi ( gpg4usb ( Tor Browser (

Install Psi, e.g. in the folder C:JabberPsi Unpack gpg4usb in the folder C:JabberPsigpg4usb Unpack Tor Browser in the folder C:JabberTor Browser

Create a text file in the C:JabberPsi folder and copy the following text into its contents

echo off set GNUPGHOME=%gpg4usbkeydb set PATH=%PATH%;%gpg4usbbin;%psi set PSIDATADIR=%Psi start psi-plus.exe

Save the text file as START_PSI with .cmd permission We have the file C:JabberPsiSTART_PSI.cmd

For easy Psi startup, create a shortcut to START_PSI.cmd Right-click START_PSI.cmd and select Send Desktop (create shortcut) A shortcut will be created on the desktop, copy it to C:Jabber Now we can launch Psi via the shortcut C:JabberSTART_PSI.lnk

Run the previously installed Tor Browser C:JabberTor BrowserStart Tor Browser.exe If your Internet is not proxied, the default settings will work, just click Connect. Launch Psi and immediately you will be prompted to create a new account. Click Register for a new account. Type the required server in the Server field or select from the list. For example, we took In the Encrypt connection field, select Always.

At this step, let’s add the local address of the TOR server. Just below, next to Proxy Server, click the Edit button. The Proxy Server Profiles window opens. Click Create Our server will be named TOR. Fill in the rest of the data as shown in the figure

Click Next and register your account. Then close Psi .

From the folder C:JabberPsigpg4usbbin copy the file gpg.exe to the folder C:JabberPsigpg4usb Start C:JabberPsigpg4usbstart_windows.exe Starts the key manager

When the Key Manager comes up, select Key Generate


Password is not 1234 or qwerty. The key is ready, the key manager and the gpg4usb program itself can be closed.

Launch Psi Attach the created encryption key to our Psi account First, connect to the server by selecting Accessible status. Go to Account Settings and click the Details tab.

Click Select Key… and select the previously created encryption key

Save. You will be prompted to enter your GPG key password. Then enter it and check the Remember passphrase box. Activate the GnuPG Key Manager plugin for easy access to encryption. Go to Psi Settings Settings Plugins GnuPG Key Manager and check Activate

Go to the Settings tab and check the Automatically import key from the message body checkbox. We did this so that public encryption keys sent to us from other users would be automatically imported into the key database.

Launch the chat window

Send our public key.

Also ask our interlocutor to send his public key.

The buddy’s public key is automatically imported into the gpg4usb database. In order for Psi to see our interlocutor’s key, Psi must be restarted.

After restarting Psi, we will need to associate our partner’s public key with his account. To do this, right-click on his account in the contact list and select Assign OpenPGP key And choose our partner’s key


Launch the chat window and click the yellow lock button.

When the lock is yellow the message is encrypted. Don’t forget to keep an eye on it. Now to get started we need to start Tor Browser first and then Psi . Secure communication!

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