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For the first time in Ukraine in the terminal network of PJSC Bank 24 National Credit, PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY “Alfa Bank , “Ai Ti Finans” Brand – 24nonSTOP an opportunity to top-up WMZ-purses by buying WMZ from WebMoney directly at the terminal 24 hours a day.

Nowadays the terminal has become the most convenient tool for acceptance of payments for millions of users. The terminal network includes more than 18000 payment terminals, in all regions of Ukraine.

The users of WebMoney payment system do not have to pay a percentage of the transaction amount for the conversion into the corresponding settlement currency, i.e. WMZ title signs and will save time and money.

How to recharge through a terminal by the example of PJSC Bank National Credit.

To top-up your Z-purse with WMZ title units in the main menu of any PJSC Bank National Credit network terminal, press the “Grosci” button and select “WebMoney WMZ” currency type.

After choosing the WMZ option you will be offered to read the Public Offer Agreement.

Having agreed with the Public offer, you can directly proceed to top-up your Z-purse. For this purpose it is necessary to enter number of the purse in a new window after letter “Z” only 12 figures. Before it you can receive the exact information on the sum of means which will be credited to your purse, having used option “CALCULATOR”, at the bottom of a window.

After entering the number of your wallet, you will proceed to a new window in which the amount of money deposited by you through the cash acceptor of the terminal will be displayed.

The next window will ask you to choose whether you want a check or not.

And the last step of the operation will be the appearance of the window with notification about successful end of the transaction and Z-purse top-up amount.

Terminal networks.

Finance company Limited Partnership “IT Finance” Brand – 24nonSTOP Website https://24nonstop.com.ua/ Number of terminals = 6800

PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY “Alfa-BANK” Brand – iBox Website https://www.ibox.ua/ Number of terminals = 6,500

PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY BANK NATIONAL CREDIT Brand – Bank24National Credit Website https://bnk.ua/ru/terminaly Number of terminals = 5000

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