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Hello to all the residents and long-time residents of the forum!

Recently I got a trophy – a scan of the map drawn by one of the services advertising itself as “the best” on many forums… This “work of art” made me think and conduct a random survey of customers …. It turned out that many have no idea HOW the actual scan looks like and therefore can not verify the drawer’s work…

Well now, as they say, the culprit in the studio – here he is, exactly as he was “turned in”


This scan (in my biased opinion) still has one undeniable advantage))), but that’s for later, as a carrot))), but for now let’s start with the stick…

1. Card edge (any, including DL USA). Especially for you I made some samples of edges of real scans (a few, because the edge with shadow and “without” look not the same)…


Compare, draw conclusions…

2. VISA logo. It should not have any bezel. It has a white edge, it’s just a piece of paper that may cast some slight shadow on the card, but it’s not usually noticeable. Again, examples –


The visa card icon should look like this


//Advanced Master Card icons –


3. figures and inscriptions. Examples of real inscriptions –


I would like to dwell on this, because it is very difficult to match the effect of the inscription with the original. In most cases of long and painstaking work the effect is just close to the original… I must say that for every map and every background the effect is not the same and there is simply no pattern here… If you take a good look at the patterns you’ll see that it’s not just a painted “bulge”, there’s an unpainted “base” underneath it, which means there’s a lot more work to do with the lettering than might seem at first glance…but it seems not everyone bothers with this, judging by the map in the beginning of the article… There are also the original backside of the cards on the 6th picture…

4. Shadow.

As a rule, a scan of a map is made on a light surface, and the map casts a shadow… The direction of light and shadow when used to redraw a real scan should match the light and shadow on the numbers and letters (this should always be checked). If the scan is made against a black background, it facilitates the work of the artist… (a kind of trick) It happens that the map is drawn “from scratch” (if there is no scan), or the background under it changes…in this case you should not forget that the shadow side of the map is somewhat glare on the edge…and the shadow must not look like a grey “halo”, the same size and color saturation on all sides…

5. To make it clear what I wrote above, I suggest you look at the drawn (not original) inscription samples

https://ver.sc/file/20371/7.jpg faces

https://ver.sc/file/20371/8.jpg seamless

Am I boring you yet? )

6. Dust.

Yes, the scanner isn’t always perfectly clean and sometimes (maybe someone looked at his scanned photo) we see dust, small lint, etc… This “realistic effect” is present on the map at the beginning of the article… Most likely, it was added artificially, because it reminds us of cheaters… I made an example for you specially (by dusting my scanner with dust from clothes) and additionally picked up necessary pictures –


What do we see? Dust is black on a light background, in our case we detect luminescence of unknown nature on the light background of the map…

7. Proportions.

Having measured the length and width of our sample, I calculated the aspect ratio to each other, it is 1.517… The aspect ratio should be (length : width) = 1.56~1.58 What does this mean? Think for yourself…

8. Maybe I missed something or am wrong about something – correct me…

Ah, yes…about the gingerbread… The map has been cleaned of previous inscriptions very professionally…(or was a clean template taken after all)))

Well, that’s it. Let me make a recommendation for those who do not want to throw money down the drain – Before you pay for the order, make sure you ask for a sample of the desired card, just a sample of the WORK and not a real scan… because sometimes these are completely different things…)) If the scan is not urgent and you didn’t get a sample, work through a guarantor. Make yourself respected … because you deserve it!)

P.S. While I was writing this article, my collection of “trophies” from the same service was enriched with a rather curious picture (there was an order for 2 sides of USA map). Here’s what the customer received –


Actually the back is taken from a Polish bank card and even left with its logo. Don’t forget to compare dimensions… The rest is without comments…)

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cvv and dumps

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