Realize (clones) documents of Ukraine, Russia. Promotion of information. Detail.” cvv pin

Sell forms of documents of Ukraine, Europe clones (filled under your data i.e. numbers and series of your documents), blank forms (without series and numbers) . We obtain information about the people, transport, cellular.

New possibility to make full package of civil documents of CIS countries only for clients of the service and people with recommendations of clients of the service !

Passports Idi license = Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania Idi 850 euros License 750 euros

Book from 2500 euros (price varies depending on country) Timing 7-10 working days Matching lookalike, done at the highest level . Chip working . All questions in pm = jabber.

In the document, a photo of the customer

Passport of Ukraine (not foreign) 3500$ ID UA 3000$


$ 4500 Passport ISRAEL 10000 $. gives the opportunity to travel around Europe and different countries, quality = ORIGINAL[/DATAENCODE

DIVISION UA $ 600 quality form, but perhaps the original for a price in pm

DIPLOM $1000 (only filled under you) sheet (supplement) separately pay $ 500 WITHPAYMENT PRICE IN PM

CERTIFICATE OF PROPERTY $ price on request depends on year of issue

STATE LAND OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE $ price on request (with your series and number)

BIRTH CERTIFICATE (depending on the year, please contact us for price) $

Death certificate $price on request


MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE $price on request

Driving License $500 (only filled under you), only UA

TEXPORTS FOR AUTOTRANSPORT $500 (only filled out for you) from the original $1,000

WE CAN ALSO PRODUCE OTHER DOCUMENTS FOR YOU TO ORDER. HIGH QUALITY. Also visas original documents with wiring only for regular customers, and proven people with a reputation.

WE REALIZE AS FILLED BLANKS( $500 or $1k passport, specify $ any other document from the above by agreement, filling rights and tech.pass. is included in the cost) AND SIMPLY BLANKS. DISCOUNTS FOR REGULAR CLIENTS BY AGREEMENT. SERVICE MAY REFUSE WITHOUT EXPLANATION

MANUFACTURING TIMES FROM 7 TO 14 DAYS IF MATERIALS ARE AVAILABLE(or terms to be stipulated separately), after receiving 50% of order amount and initial data.


New service features

Up-to-date list of possibilities to search information on Ukrainian and RF citizens by full name and DOB.

1.Checks in the databases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (criminal cases, criminal records, lost passport, wanted).Actuality of data on the day of request (1-5 days) 2.Checks in the databases of the traffic police.Actuality of data on the day of request. 3.Information about border crossing (when, with whom, where, on what transport) .Actuality of data on the day of inquiry (1-5 days) 4.Information about whether there is a ban on border crossing (criminal record, credits, subscription not to leave the country).The actuality of the data on the day of the request (1-5 days) 5.Check phone number: whether there is a control (when started to listen, control number, whether appears in the cases).The actuality of the data on the day of the request (1-5 days) 6.In SA and Russia do detailing of calls and base stations. Ability to put a number on control by weeks from a specific date of request. CALL DETAILS OF ALL OPERATORS OF UKRAINE: OPERATOR: Life, Kyivstar, MTS, 3mob, Intertelecom FORM: The contract, prepaid FOR THE PERIOD: from 1 day to 12 months GIVE INFORMATION: Owner (PAY BACK FOR OWNER NAME), all the IMEI subscriber, number SIM card IMSI, calls, date and time of calls, SMS who.


DELIVERY: 1 hour to 7 days

Price please specify in PM


cvv pin

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