Receiving parcels in UA without drops [2019]” buy ccs

Next, there is a well-known service Novaya Pochta which provides its clients with forwarding services of postal items from EU/USA to Ukraine, I should note that we will not screw up the CIS offices. ( forward).

Phase 1:

1.0. Looking for a potential drop. (P.S. if you can’t think of a pretext under which a person will need to pick up a parcel, you have no reason to read this further, leave this page.)

1.1 Task/legend. Need to find a major site ala slando/avito/alkh people who want to buy any goods, let’s in our case for example is the cheapest mobile phone case for $ 10, which you will sell at a discount of $ 2. The point is that the person has to come and pick up the parcel from the branch.

1.2 Here, you found the buyer, you have his name and surname, then begins the most interesting thing. Oh yes, I forgot, what he wants to buy, you must know in advance the shop that will send (small shop, you can even take for white and order from China to the U.S.)


1.3 Go to the forwarder, register an account on the name of the buyer (aka potential drop), buy a left sim card, register on the number from this sim. You get the address, you order the staf to this address.

1.4 Receive the stuff at the warehouse, send it to the buyer (pay another 3-4 dollars for shipping).

1.5 Provide information for the buyer to pick up the parcel. The buyer receives the parcel.

2.0. The buyer has received the parcel, so he has entered his data into the database and linked his passport to the data to which you have access.

2.1 The next step involves the shipping to the address you have in your account, when it arrives to the US/U.S. warehouse, you can start shipping to the same name, but change the city/department to your own, if you want.

The next step involves paying for shipping to the address you have in your account.

2.2. Install on your mobile phone application Paralles and install Nova Poshta apk, there may be any number of apkas and profiles. Then use mobile number you have to login into your personal cabinet.

2.3. You are in your personal account (apki) and you have a section Card, this section displays the name of the customer who took the goods from you. This card serves as the customer’s identifier in the branch.

2.4 Now in order to get your stuff you just need to show this card to the cashier at the branch, pay for the delivery and you can get your parcel.

2.5 You’ve got it made, you’re adorable! You rejoice, go home with your pack without paying a bunch of costs, especially if the pack is illiquid $100-$200.

3.0 Repeat steps 1.0 through 2.4 as required.

buy ccs

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