Requirements for protection of classified information (according to GOST)” trusted cc shop

7. Automatically account for protected files created by using additional labeling used in the access control subsystem. The marking shall reflect the confidentiality level of the object. 8. Record-keeping of all protected data carriers by means of their marking and logging (record card). 9. To keep records of protected media with registration of their issuance (receipt) in a special journal (record card).

10. Carry out several types of accounting (duplicating) of protected data carriers. 11. Perform clearing (zeroing, depersonalization) of released areas of main memory of a computer and external drives. At the same time, the clearing should be performed by two random writes to the released memory area previously used for storing protected data (files). 12. Signalling of protection violation attempts. The integrity subsystem shall: 1. Ensure the integrity of software tools, processed information, and the integrity of the software environment. At that: integrity is checked at system boot by checksums of components; integrity of software environment is ensured by using translators from high-level language and absence of means of object code modification of programs during processing and (or) storage of protected information.

2. carry out physical security (of devices and data carriers). At the same time, security shall be provided at all times on the territory of the building and premises where the AU is located. Security shall be provided by means of technical means of protection and special personnel, as well as by strict access control and special equipment in the premises of the CA. 3 Provide for an administrator or an entire information protection service responsible for the maintenance, normal operation and control of the system. The administrator shall have his/her own terminal and the necessary means of operational control and impact on the AS security.

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trusted cc shop

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