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Dear colleagues! After 6 years of work in the private sector, we are pleased to offer you our multifunctional service for handling your goods in the Russian Federation. We are pleased to offer the following services:

-Parcel pickup/shipment by major delivery services -Pickup to your names (as agreed) -Cleaning of unnecessary documentation -Storage -Free photo-video inspection upon request -Consolidation and assembly of shipments for subsequent shipping to the buyer -Easy reporting system -Assistance in selling your goods of any category -Support 247 -Provide legal entities upon request -Assistance to the buyer’s legal entity. persons upon request -Unlimited number of addresses -Separate category of drops for going to customs, etc. -Gray labels EU and USA


-Receipt/Shipment $40 (Excluding shipping costs to the final address) -Receipt to your name $10 -Storage: 1-10 days free 11-30 days $3/day 31-365 days $5/day -Clearing of invoices free -Photo-Video inspection -free -Collection of lots, extra packing individually -Acceptance to legal entity $20 -Organization of drop trip to customs, including filling of all documents $50

***A promo price of $30 on the first 10 packs***

for new customers

Basic terms and conditions of employment:

-It is prohibited to send parcels from RF and CIS countries -It is prohibited to send weapons and their parts, explosives, narcotic substances, drugs, medicines and other categories of goods, the circulation of which is prohibited by Russian legislation. In the event of cases, the service is not responsible for the goods and reserves the right to act in this situation at its discretion. -It is forbidden to send goods to our addresses directly from the shops -If the declaration of the package (on the label) will be more than 200 euros, it must be reported before delivery of the address for that package. In such cases, issue a separate category drops, which in case of problems can solve the issue with the payment of charges or a trip to the customs office. -If delivery within Russia is not by mail of Russia, and directly by courier service (DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.) need to report this BEFORE issuing address for this package. -Send parcels to your final address is at your expense -If the final recipient could not accept the parcel and it returned to us, it will be considered as a re-delivery


Contacts: Telegram tahoe_pro JID via PM

cabelas cc

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