S.FREUD premium stuff service***** for droppers and stafers” pois0n cc shop

Payouts up to 55%! We pay DELIVERED for ALL.

Our service has been in the public for 9 years, we are constantly working on ourselves and developing. Now we are not limited to services for stafers only, we are also interested in expansion of contacts among droppers and joint partner work.


Buying goods from shops to our USA, DE, EU addresses. We’ll buy addresses in your country by volume.

9 years of success in the publisher. 150 addresses are constantly being recruited. -We pay for ALL by DELIVERED to drop, if our drop misses delivery and pac is deployed, we pay.


on USA we accept ANY unmarketable:

-from 300 usd per item 25% -with a rating on amazon 3-4 stars, from 20 reviews, to 70 to rank -to 35 lbs. must be sure to meet all 3 points. payment on delivery to drop.

or on our 25-30% illiquidity list of 1600 items: https://pastebin.com/aCxvqBev

-as well as liquid with shipping charges up to 55%. list: https://pastebin.com/qwFNQY2t

Free reroute to our addresses (from 500 USD). -Reroute non-liquor 100 USD per pack. Free callback for regular customers.

-as well as addresses on EU, DE, payment on delivery to drop to 55% .

list: https://pastebin.com/vZqBV48h -Minimum pack price 300 USD / 250 EURO


-send from EBAY, half of the item comes in substandard periodically kills addresses. -send with Pay Pal Credit or Bill Me Later. -mean to send from any shops, if by your statistic there are problems with cops, calls, scam letters and so on. -use ssn or other drop order payment data. -send heavy items higher than 35lbs without any agreement. Telegram bot for service registration: SFreudRegistration_bot __________________________________________________ LONG DROP:

For US dropshippers, we buy up illiquid from your dropshippers in the USA.

-Payments of 50-55% on warehouse delivery. -List https://pastebin.com/L9hVfbCe

Registration via tg or jabber: https://pastebin.com/91AxWyCw __________________________________________________ For DE droppers premium labels DHL DE=EU; DE=RU, CIS

-transparency at the moment is 100%, with no consequences for the sender. -Send them our goods for 3 years already. -price 10 USD/ label, order processing mode 11 00 17 00 Moscow time -processing orders via panel -try to process orders as fast as possible average time per label 7 min, if there is no queue.

Register via tg or jabber: https: //pastebin.com/91AxWyCw[ /DATAENCODE]

Please use the topic for feedback only, everything else is decided in communication.

pois0n cc shop

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