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In this article I would like to review the main points concerning the increase of safety when working with the skimmer. They can be divided into several stages, each of which we will consider separately. If I miss something, please add it

1. Getting the hardware 2. Testing the device 3. Test installation 4. Operation 5. Dump debugging

1. Receiving hardware

Here you must clearly follow all the instructions of the seller, as not a single word is said just for nothing, every nuance of delivery is honed and thought out. Delivery methods are constantly changing, due to security surveys, but what remains constant is the safe receipt of the hardware by the customer. We often change the delivery system, methodology, countries and cities from which we ship just to ensure security. And because of this, our clients receive the hardware and work with it. The range of delivery methods is so great, from courier without personal meeting, to diplomatic pouch. Getting the hardware is an important enough step that you need to give it the attention it deserves. Namely, there have been cases where a drop is given for pickup, and while the hardware is on its way, the drop gets arrested. This is not the case!!! This is a trivial example. For this reason, I ask you to follow all recommendations for receiving equipment.

2. Testing the device

I recommend that you wear gloves when touching the equipment. You can buy them at any pharmacy. I do not recommend leaving hair on the equipment, etc. Cards for testing and for work should be only anonymous, and you can not talk on them with your voice, because the operator always saves the recording in the sound. So that voice does not become an omen – you cannot do this. Phone for testing and work must also be completely anonymous and you can not use it either. Again, so that the voice does not become an omen. It is better to choose not the “cheapest” but the “most reliable” package. There have been cases where people take the cheapest package and then SMS messages are not received immediately and come with a delay of one and a half hours. In addition to everything the package should support DataCall. This is needed for dialing the device and wiping out old information.

3. test setup

You need to send people who have already put up at least once to a combat installation. And that’s why they need to be trained. It can be compared to packing backwards for the first time in your life. On an auto. Theoretically, everything is clear, but it is quite difficult to do. It is necessary to understand how exactly and at least once to try. For this purpose, choose a quiet place, where there are no people and people would be able to successfully put the equipment on the ATM. Before the test installation reconnaissance is carried out, the place is inspected, the passage of people at the time of installation, the availability of cameras in the ATM and external cameras (possibly on the shop opposite etc.) Also, pay attention to the tinted cars that are near the place. To ensure that the training is problem-free, you need to put a monitor on the phone, which in case of something immediately report the situation or say that everything is OK and work in peace. And at this time, the installers will train install, while the person watching. Installers better be 2 people, because one closes the back of all the action. And most importantly that the movement was natural. Then no one behind will not understand what is happening behind the ATM. I recommend to perform approximately 5 successful installations, after which you can go to work. Psychological preparation is a strong thing, and after 5 successful installations you can be sure that your workers in combat conditions will not delay the installation by time or look for “easier” places for fear of the situation.

4. Work

The methods of security at work are no different from the test methods of security, the only difference is that everything happens in combat conditions, and the man must be ready not only technically (quickly and clearly to set the equipment), but also morally in case of emergency situations to keep calm and not turn off the brain. There was already written an article about it


5. Obnal

A. Camera protection.

I wouldn’t call it camouflage. it’s just to avoid burning your face. if it’s summer, it’s a baseball cap, glasses according to the weather, a hood or something that covers your face when you put your head down. in winter it’s hooded jackets, same baseball caps, scarves, jumper that can cover your eyes.

If you have an expensive watch, rare rings, tattoos – must also cover. Well, in practice, came up, covered his face with his hand, put a piece of paper on the camera, in the stationery any self-adhesive paper yellow sold. do not like the yellow – fill in the marker. and work in peace. no one is not looking at you online. everything is only written. they only later can (or cannot) make a mosaic. is done and that’s it.

just don’t be fanatical, because i feel sorry for those guys who stand under the ATM for 20 minutes and jerk it off, and you drive by, see it with the naked eye and just feel sorry for them. because they’re first in line. there are also additional cameras. some bankers drill an extra hole right in front of the holder’s face. so that when the person looks at the monitor, his face is read. there are cameras that stand and record the issuance of money. here you need tattoos, birthmarks, and other signs to burn.

And additional cameras, that’s how we tell our workers this way. come over, glue the camera, inspect the atm. find another hole, a crack, glue with gum. and when you’re sure there’s nothing, work. they like to make holes in the ATM manufacturer’s logo. freaks, in a word.

, but in general, these cameras are great to pierce with an awl. These bastards probably get high when they realize that their $80 camera was pierced with an awl. especially the pinhole lens. in general, they don’t give a shit about putting a bad camera for our brother.

B. 3D secure

this is a protection which is used in many banks in order to sort out regular transactions from the fraudulent naked ones. it has a lot of filters and is cleverly configured. for example, if in the country of kazakhstan five americans of one bank are poured in a row, then protection is triggered. if several went without the first road – also. if gold without the first road was missed – also. well, etc.

I will not describe in detail, sorry, we paid a man for the list of these filters and their contents, and then long to figure out how to circumvent them. so read the math. and invent your own. and invented can already be and share.

C. protection from people in uniform already walking

Walking in uniform, or driving in a car with garland on the roof, doesn’t matter. What’s important is having a friend on the earpiece who is TIME to tell you. and that’s it. it’s the best remedy. and did not chew the snot, and clearly, he then at work, he figured out everything that is going on around him. and i’d also recommend practicing signal words, like the military. like run to the left, run to the right, reset easy, reset fast, or like reds on the left, etc. So you don’t have to tell him for 15 minutes to go left, and he won’t ask why he should go left. he received a command – he immediately obeyed. Then such a defense is effective.

D. protection against the effects of rip-off.

I call the consequences of the withdrawal a compilation of a sketch by the bank’s security officers of those who have personally poured in. not to let this happen, you need to watch out not only for ATM cameras, but also external ones. i.e. approaching the drop-off point, check where the cameras are and whether they can see where you are coming out of the car. you need to open your eyes at work. and if you’re not on the cameras, you can sleep well.

E. Ambush protection

at places where groups of some kind – reds set up ambushes very often. in the form of a van full of people around the corner or an operative car in a yard. and the observer is alone at the point from which all ATMs are visible. I’ll explain. it’s usually in places where ATMs congregate. where there are 3-4 or more ATMs. you can’t spot an ambush here. They know how to do it properly. And they can tell the drivers by their attire. By their manners. In short, they know. my advice is just don’t go to those places. Bypass them. It’ll be cheaper.

F. security protection from the point of sale in (near) which the ATM

Many point-of-sale security departments have been warned by bank employees to watch drug dealers. well, they have the authority to detain and call the police. in short, there is essentially no need to defend yourself against them. you just behave peacefully, naturally, without attracting attention, and when your cameras are taped and you are not wrapped with a scarf to your eyebrows, you are not really attracting attention. When they ask you something, you say it the way any holder would say, politely, you don’t have to pick on these assholes. They’re just idiots who think that when the work is over, they’ll come home and I’ll drink my 100 grams and watch football.

G. protection against accidents.

What kind of accidents are there? it’s usually an accidentally passing patrol car. an accidentally passing policeman, etc. well, if you have a friend on your earpiece, what kind of randomness are we talking about? i think 99% of accidents are covered by that.

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