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As a rule the most important thing in carding is safety, so I will tell you how to keep yourself safe. This article won’t necessarily help you in carding, it’ll just help you to stay anonymous on the internet or make some other people believe that you’re some foreigner or something.

What should the OS be?

In general, if you really want the shop to believe that you are a true American and the cardboard you will enter yours, it is better to have a Microsoft Windows XP, and preferably the English version, but if you do not have, it is possible to find another way out. What we need is , change the date, change the time zone of the country (in this case, we’ll use the United States), and change the language we speak.

Change all this like this: Language change: Start = Settings = Control Panel = Language and regional standards

Date and time: Start = Settings = Control Panel = Date and time


The next step is to choose a browser, in my opinion and most carders use Mozilla Firefox also English version, in rare case Opera also English version. you ask what the difference? Yes practically not in what, that in Mozille Firefox, that in Opere it is possible to delete cookies and so on. In general here I will not be focused.

Doot, time, language have changed, the browser seems to be chosen too, something is forgotten, right, the most important thing to focus on is the VPN and SOCKS.

What are VPN, PROXY and SOCKS?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a kind of a separate encrypted channel, which gives us high security of transmitted information through this channel by using special encryption algorithms, i.e. our information and data cannot be intercepted.

PROXY or PROXY-server (proxy-server), i.e. a separate computer which mediates between you and the Internet. What is it for? In our case, we need it for anonymity, also with the help of proxy-server you can enter chats or anywhere else if you’re blocked by IP, and as I said for anonymity, and for many other purposes.

SOCKS or SOCKS proxy is a type of proxy that simply supports any TCP/IP protocol (FTP, Gopher, News, POP3, SMTP, etc.), not just HTTP. They also hide your real IP. There are 2 types of socks, these are socks 4 and socks 5. The difference is that socks 5 works not only on TCP protocol, but also on UDP protocol. Among all types of proxy socks proxy has the highest level of anonymity, so it is best to use them. There is one more disadvantage of socks proxy, it cannot be used in browser. You need special programs to work with them, such as: FreeCap and SocksCap.

How to wear SOCKS?

Let’s consider 2 programs, these are FreeCap and SocksCap. I almost do not see any differences in these programs, except one, in FreeCape you can make a chain of socks, as far as I know in SocksCape you cannot do it, but functions are the same. How to configure the program and put on the socks? Yes, everything is very simple. Run the program FreeCap itself, then go to: File = Options = Options Proxy In line SERVER enter box itself socks, well, in line PORT therefore the port socks. Put a dot where it says SOCKS v5

Now for the chain of socks.

To chain proxies File = Settings = Proxy Chain

Click add and ADD. Again, enter the server address and port, put a dot where the last time. Please note!!! If at least one sock will not work, consequently, our whole chain will not work.

CCTools what is it and what is it for?

I will not describe in detail, I will only describe the main functions of this program. This program is designed specifically to hide or change computer data, such as: =1=S/NKey Windows =2=Soit changes computer name and company name. =3=Makesfake processor name =4=Hostname =5=And S/N ID Internet Explolera . I think I don’t need to explain how to configure this utility. This is easy, just press generate button and that’s it.


Providing yourself with this anonymity you will not be able to make real money, but you will be able to secure your identity and pretend to be a foreigner (if you will need it). With this anonymity can skardat a domain and hosting, but usually all this long does not live. Good luck!!!

P.S. I may have repeated myself, but look how beautiful the pictures are, I think newcomers will understand everything


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