Salary drops in usa from Gonza Project illiquid up to 40%|Liquid up to 55%|Free reroute|refundable 50$|” best travel cc

Good afternoon!

The Gonza Project team brings to your attention quality divorced payroll drops under staff in the USA.

We offer work in 3 areas:

1. SCUP: Payments from 25% to 55% 2. TRANSFER: from $50. 3. 50/50.

A little about the main, but not the only advantages of our service:

WE HAVE THE LARGEST LIST OF ITEMS WE BUY UP!!! We even pick up items such as: knives, kitchen appliances, chandeliers, sanitary ware, tents, sleeping bags, winches, audio equipment, as well as many different stuff from rare categories! If your goods are not on our list offer, we will take most of them.

Almost all illiquidity pay a minimum of 30% (up to 35-40% during promotions|with account bonuses individual conditions). We actually have the highest interest on both liquid and illiquid! Anyone pay more? Let’s discuss!

Don’t delay with payments, we pay according to the status of shiped. Free fedex|ups repatriation. (Experienced operator) Problem and dispute situations are always resolved in favor of the client. If a parcel is lost through our fault, compensation is provided. Best admin panel on the market, intuitive, with full working functionality and constant updates. Sending dropship packages the day we receive them, or the next day. Rarely 2-3 days. We don’t pause in our work we constantly replenish drops in different states. We have an average dispatch rate of approximately 95%. The average life span of a drop shipping is 1.5-2 months. Minimum parcel cost: $300 (but we make exceptions). We don’t spare money, time and efforts to improve our service. We are constantly investing in development, analyzing bottlenecks and raising the quality of service. Regular customers will get bonuses in the form of a higher percentage and free shipping. Friendly communication with clients, if there is a question about work we will give advice, help with contacts of sellers, services, etc.

For more information regarding the work, list, payments, registration and any other questions, please contact our support team during its working hours. Contact us, we will be glad to cooperate!

Helpdesk hours: 6pm to 2-4am, Monday through Friday.

best travel cc

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