Scoop in Europe, Russia, a little bit USA” dumps cvv sites

Greetings comrades!) Main destinations Europe and Russia!

1 We buy goods in the direction of RU-RU (your product is already in RU), accept any tk. List with %, as such is not. Preferably from you model-quantity, from us the price.

2 Buy in the direction of the USA-USA.List is still small (laptops). % discuss in lss

3 Buying in Europe. Here is a large list. Counting from ebay) Didn’t find your item on the scoop list? Write to discuss!

We buy only from your dropps-present!!! If you need drops on EU, I’ll give contacts of partners.

With time-tested services can work on the advance. Ready to work through a guarantor, there is a deposit !

There are reviews on other sites. And also hopefully in the thread will unsubscribe with whom we already work.

For all questions, and issuance of contacts, please write in ls forum.


dumps cvv sites

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