Selected droppings under the staff in the USA.” unicc reddit

Pleased to present a professional US drop service. High-quality drop services for your parcels.

About the service The service has been successfully functioning since 2007. Entering the market is conditioned by the search of reliable partners for the fruitful, long-term cooperation. A unique service of our service – free dial-up from native speakers. With no additional charge to you, we will be happy to help you solve problems that get in the way between your shopping and receiving your parcel by our drop shipping service. Despite our highly qualified team, occasionally a force majeure situation occurs in our business, which is completely beyond our control. We value our customers and their time, so if such a situation occurs, the service undertakes to compensate the customer.

Drops Many years of experience, as well as knowledge and understanding of the psychology of the average representative of the great power of the United States allows you to breed drops at the highest level. 100 net addresses per month for your needs. Weekly dropbox updates. Drops ready for Pick-up. Any other drop manipulations are discussed with our support team. Work panel (admin panel)

Stuff We take ANY Stuff from $300. We work by BuyStuffUSA list! All packages are shipped white labeled, or for cash.

Payouts Payout percentage depends on the staf you make and varies between 25-45%. A huge part of the staf is bought up in US, so payouts are made literally in a couple of days after receiving the drop pack. For proven, professional clients, Delivered drop payouts. Payouts are made in any way convenient for you: BTC, WMZ, PM, to card.

Throop U.S. [emailprotected]

unicc reddit

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