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Greetings, friends!

We are pleased to introduce to Verified our new product, the most secure and user-friendly anti-detect browser working in multi-threaded mode. We are confident that it will bring your capabilities to a whole new level, and you won’t be able to imagine what it was like to hassle with dozens of virtual machines and their settings.

What is the difference from existing anti-detect solutions?

Linken Sphere is developed by professional security engineers based on Chromium. We work directly with source code of the engine, which allows us to get rid of spyware by Google, that is unavailable for boxed solutions. We do not simply integrate extensions into the ready-made browser, we modify the source code to get the desired result and thus get the maximum opportunities and functionality. Besides, we are engaged in constant research of AF systems, reacting as quickly as possible to any possible changes in their operation. The browser is constantly being updated and refined to meet the highest expectations of our users.

-Browser works in OTP mode, which makes it the most secure -Browser is devoid of any hidden Google service connections, which cannot be obtained in any boxed solution -Browser encrypts all the stored information in AES 256encryption standard -Browser out of the box is equipped with ALL the necessary to work with network connections:SOCKS, SSH, TOR, TOR SSH, DYNAMIC SOCKS -Browser allows ONLINE operation with different types of connections -Browser has built-in professional anti-detection, which is regularly updated and allows you to use all the possible useregents, permissions, language, time, geoposition etc.д., changing them on the fly” -The browser stores fingerprints and cookies for each of your sessions, allowing you to work from the same location with hundreds of different identities without having to constantly switch between virtualisations -You don’t need any system settings at all to start working quickly, anonymously and safely -The browser contains a locally built in MaxMind license database, allowing you to configure session time and geopositioning in just a few clicks

Here is a brief video introduction of the product:

More details directly about the swap and customization options:

Canvas Fonts Plugins Audiofingerprint WebGL Geolocation ClientRects Ubercookies WebRTC (including device hashes) CSS (resolution) Touch Emulation (allows touch screen emulation without showing mouse) Js Navigator (including time, language and resolution) Http Headers DNS (ability to use custom DNS per session) Local IP

Browser has onboard 50,000 free real device impressions and a built-in config generator. We can also offer our users a built-in configshop with private configs (over 90,000 constantly updated casts), access to free usergenerators (over 13,000).

Users can both use real configs, which allows getting the most comfortable and fastest setup for work, and deep manual configuration of a huge number of parameters, including Http headers, plugins/mimetypes, js navigator, WebGL and other. You can read more details about customization possibilities on our website in the Documentation section:

The software is available as an installer for Windows (7/8/10 x64), MacOS (Yosemite at least), Linux (you can find a wide list of supported systems on our site), as well as Portable and Cloud versions. We don’t use binding to hardware, so you can download and install any number of copies on your machines, but one login and password works only with one copy of the program at a time.

The tariff plan implies the following licenses:

Light ( 1 month browser usage) = $100 PRO (6 months browser usage access to configshop) = $500 (month free) Premium (12 months browser usage access to configshop priority service) = $900 (three months free)

There are no other fees, all updates are completely free. We also have special terms and offers for teams working with large numbers of copies.

The only official website to purchase:

selling cvv

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