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JOB USA from 2.5 wmz per 1 gud response, text format {Word|Word2|Word3} contact: Min 750 wmz order. Lead time 1-3 days after the start. There are queues for 1-2 weeks.

JOB UK, CA 3.5 wmz per 1 gud response, text format {Word|Word2|Word3} min 700 wmz order, Due date 1-3 days after start, contact:

Dating US 1.5 wmz, Dating CA 2.5 wmz per 1 gud response, text format {Word|Word2|Word3}, can do own, contact: or jigurdashorov[emailprotected] Min 450 vmz order. Lead time 1-3 days after start.

Dating EU/AU/ETC UK,IT,FR,ES,PT price 1.5 vmz. DE 2.5 vmz Min 500 vmz order, you have to render the text in the native language of the country in this format {Word|Word2|Word3}. Can do your text on some countries. You provide the soap where to type. Date contact UK,IT,FR,ES,PT etc other european countries and AU on request.

Job rules: Deadlines are 1-3 days from start, the client is always informed about the approximate start date of the spam. Sometimes there is a 1-2 week waiting list. We provide you feedback in EML format, then you can reply from wherever you want. We only sell user feedback, everything else is up to you. All feedback (soap) that we gave you at the time of delivery is removed from our databases and no longer forwarded. Ie you buy a unique response. All terms and conditions not stipulated before the order by the buyer are not valid after the start of mailing.

Dating Rules: Scam/Dating Response Service. There is always a huge amount of response available from USA, to a lesser extent from Western Europe, also available from Australia and Canada. In theory we can make a response of any country in the world if we are interested.

Why are we better than the competition?

We do not collect bases from craigslist and so on, all the bases are hacked and 90% have the necessary, favorable sampling. The bases are updated every 2-3 weeks, in view of which there is no need to send any bases again at all. And so all the feedback that you received are removed from our bases, and again not sent. Ie we sell almost unique response from our databases. You will soon be able to convince yourself of this by making an order from us, and soon you will see feedback about our work.

Guarantees: Payment is accepted in advance, in some cases, to people whose reputation we are satisfied, the order can be executed in advance. We can provide references and financial guarantees on any of the existing sites. We also work with guarantor and only with wmz (payment options may be added in the future).

* Due to the large number of customers, order lead times may be delayed; we usually inform you about this in advance. **Age/gender/countries may differ due to inaccuracy of the base; in case of significant difference we may give discount for the next order. ***Countries will not be specified as such letters with high probability will be put in a spam. **** Sometimes to collect on certain boxes, or 1 big order, or the long order (not enough necessary bases, not the big response on base) resolutely impossible, after that you can be asked to give the additional box for continuation of performance of the order.

P.S please do not clog the topic with questions, if any, please contact the PM or contacts, if the question will be popular answer will appear in the top. P.P.S Actual prices clarify in contacts, as can change without updating the advertising top.

victoria’s secret cc

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