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Friends, we would like to present to you our service for the sale of pre-paid cards.

There are both new and pre-run (pumped up) preps available.

Included is email holder info (ssndobbg) acc info (routaccloginpassecrets) cc(cccvvexp) dump(track1 track2) pin

There are prepaid and unpaid routing options to fit your needs!

It’s possible to order and make pre-packs of the necessary offices under your data. Production time 2 weeks

We accept any transfers on our aces. There are a lot of preps not listed (only for pouring)!

Also we can accept internal transfers from you practically in any prepaid office. The % is individual. More in detail in lsjabber. Always welcome new partners.

Prior to sale, all cards are checked for survivability and issued in the format


187540109305819^DANIEL/JOHNSON^210160440000703000000? ;4187540109305819=240250230000407? ?

(When purchasing any cards, you are entirely responsible for data security)

Price of new (new) from $ 150 per piece price used (used) from $ 100 per piece. When buying from 10 cards possible discounts For old customers the prices are the same

//////////////Prepaids in stock for sale\\\\\\\\

\\\\\\Prepaids in stock for sale/////////////////

I also speak English

p.s if there is no answer, duplicate messages several times or email me in PM your toad, I will add you myself. online post always

cc dump sites

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