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Equipment for skimming: ready-made kits for installation on Wincor,Diebold, Ncr, Nautilus Hyosung Individual development and sale of drawings, including those adapted for printing on 3D printers, is also possible. We always have in stock audio electronics with 22.000 Hz sampling rate. Quality assurance, in case of disputable situations, replacement, service always goes to meet the buyer Delivery all over the world by courier companies, including Russia and CIS

Our service provides transcription services from audio equipment . We decode from magnetic protections and jitters. We write recommendations on audio equipment tuning.

100% correct decode guarantee Prices for decode from $10 per dump .

Photos, videos

price, terms, password and more information ONLY in jabber

Promotional video, one of the skimming kit options on Wincor atm

one of the old generation shimmer variants shimmer, insert shimmers

other videos

Skimmer prices from $899

It is possible to install, on some devices, shielding materials, which allows the use of ATM devices with magnetic noise. Shields allow you to significantly reduce noise and improve recording quality. Also, equipment with data encryption function is on sale, a choice for people considering purchase of a skimming kit, for re-submission to installers under % the data encryption function, in this case, guarantees transfer of the collected material from the installer to the equipment owner and excludes decoding bypassing the owner.

Guarantor service is welcomed in transactions.

Dear, please contact Once purchased, you can expect advice on the equipment and recommendations on installation, it is possible to provide a jabber contact caliper equipment can be installed on atmas with jitters and magnetic noise


Due to the theoretical possibility of clones registering seemingly similar jabber contacts, when making a transaction, verification via PM forum is mandatory

Important note: When contacting jabber 1 should introduce yourself, write from which forum you are with a link to your profile. 2 tell them what you want to know or ask them a specific question. For messages like Hi, kak dela? or Tut? or Zdes?, there is a spam filter.

You can view the full range of products on the website


The prices on the site are for foreign citizens For people with forums from Russia and CIS countries, discounts

Services are presented in other forums, with verified and testimonials ONE OF THE ONLY SCIMMING SERVICES, WITH REPUTATION FOR 6+ YEARS, on public and private carding forums.

Equipment for skimming: ready-made sets for setting at Wincor, Diebold, Ncr, Nautilus Hyosung. Its also possible individual development and sale drawings, cases for the ATM Also possible selling separately quality electronics. Cases and electronics are excellent quality. Delivery cargo around the World SERVICE PROVIDES DECODING THE AUDIO INFORMATION OF SKIMMERS. May be decrypt from magnetic dampers. Decode wav (audio)=Track 2, Any amount of any countries. price from 10$ 1 dump photos and video price, terms, password and additional information ONLY jabber We have shielded equipment. Such equipment may be set at ATM with magnetic noise. the recording have high-quality and fully decrypted. We have for selling equipment with the encryption function datas. its the choice for people considering the purchase of skimming set for retake to setters in %. Function decrypt datas in this case guarantees the transfer the collected material from the setter to the owner the equipment and excludes the decode without the host. In transactions guarantor service is welcome. After purchase you can count on the advice for equipment and setting recommendations. May be to provide jabber contact supports. skimmers price from 899$ more information

The equipment can be set at ATM with jitters and magnetic noise.

Due the theoretical possibility of registering clones are similar outwardly jabber contacts, in the transaction, verification via PM forum is mandatory. Important note: writing to jabber 1.You need to introduce yourself, write about tour forum with a link to your profile. 2. You need write what interests or ask the question. To messages like Hi, how are you or are u here? is the spam filter. Services provided in other forums with passed the verification and reviews

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sell cvv

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