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This article was written as a continuation of the xora article Softwares and all about them


Software hacking for the software engineer.

Why it’s needed:

This is done to make money by selling the program we distorted on our site. You can read more about this method here:

Our goal:

To remake the program in your own way – that is not to make a woman out of a man, for example, but to perform a plastic surgery: changing the face, eye color, ears, size…, while the functionality of the man should remain the same. In the same way, it is necessary to change the appearance of the shell, without changing its insides. It can be all the signs indicating that this program is not yours: program name, name of the program’s developer, link to the program’s site, pictures, etc.

Let’s not waste a minute…..

So, what we’ll need:

1. The program itself which we are going to redesign, in this case it is called Error Messages for Windows download it from this link

2. Restorator software can be downloaded here:

3 The OgreGUI program can be downloaded here:

4. ORiEN software download it here:

Let’s assume you’ve downloaded everything, so let’s keep walking smoothly…

Preparation of the operating table:

In order to avoid the panic of having your eyes licked out of their sockets and the hysterical screaming “Where did it all go? because you can’t remember where you put all the programs, I suggest that you create a folder somewhere under a convenient name and install all the software you downloaded there. My folder will be on the C: drive with the name Softovik


So, we take an automatic rifle in our hands, and in a hoarse voice we shout “Open, I will shoot!” and run the program Error Messages for Windows (file MSWinErr.exe). Once again, who forgot what to do, read above Our goal. So, the program is started, and what we see:

1. The program header (i.e. the strip with the “cross”, “maximize”, and “minimize” buttons) is called Error Messages for Windows 2. On the left side of the program, there is a picture with some dwarf wizard with a sledgehammer in his hand.

These 2 items should be changed. Let’s go further… The Lookup tab is opened and we read the text. Open Error Code List and don’t make any changes there either. Open Explorer tab, read the text and see that it mentions the program name several times – remember it. Open the Help tab and here you will also see the program name. Open the tab About and see the name and version of the program, the name of the developer Gregory Braun, the text that it is a free version and a button with a link to the website – all this too we need to redo. Now look at the properties of the file MSWinErr.exe. Open the Version tab and look at the additional information…. Have you seen it? Notice what needs to be changed? I think so.

Well, that’s the end of the reconnaissance.

Do the operation:

Now let’s proceed directly to redesigning the program. First, we have an image which needs to be changed. To do this, run the Restorator program. The program view is divided into 3 windows, so to speak, 1 vertical (on the left) and 2 horizontal (on the right). Press File open and open our program (MSWinErr.exe). In the vertical window we will see the Bitmap, Dialog and so on folders. These folders contain resources that you can modify – text, images, and so on.

Open the Bitmap folder, inside it you’ll find 1999, the image we want to change, click on it in the upper horizontal window and you’ll see the goblin. Now you just drag 1999 resource to any location on your hard drive (you can drag it using the bottom horizontal window as an explorer) and 1999.bmp file will appear – a bitmap. Now open it with any graphics editor, for example Paint and redo it in any way we want (draw something else, you can write text, etc.). The image has been redone, now in the same way drag and drop the file on the location from which it was taken. You will get a 1999 resource with a small label, and in the horizontal top window you can see our modified image.

The Dialog and String folders contain resources with the text information of the program that we are redoing. For example, we open the Dialog folder of resource 3000 and see the Error Messages for Windows window, we see the text which we need to modify…. To change the text, there is abI button on Restorator toolbar, press it, and voila, a sort of text editor appears. All the text which can be changed is put in quotes. I will change the name of the program Error Messages for Windows, occurring in the text on Lamers death. Naturally the new name of the program should be in English and with a decent name. And so on, change everything we need.

But not all resources can be changed, for example, resources that are in the folder Version, we will not do anything with these resources yet, click File Save As and save our masterpiece under the same name, replace and we have another backup of the program, just in case. Generally program Restorator can extract and change pictures, icons, texts, dialogs, sounds, video, menu, and much more, but I think to the video, sounds and so on, it will not do.

Now we need the OgreGUI program, in order to finally redo our program. Launch OgreGUI, click the Next button, click the Browse File button and open our program, click Next. In the next window, I ticked all the boxes, I think this will not interfere with our work, the minimum line length is the same, click Next. Next, OgreGUI will scan our program and the main window will show us everything that can be changed. I will say it again: only text information can be changed, links can be changed too, don’t touch abrasive codabras and resources with vertical sticks, otherwise our program will not work.

To change the text, just double-click on the line and a text editor window will appear. Select the old text, erase it, write your own text, click the OK button and you are done. For fast change of identical words it is possible to use the button Overwrite, the program will carry out the text set by you, and on a command will replace it on a necessary for you. Once everything has changed, just in case, press the button Save and save your changes, so it would not turn out that accidentally made a typo and did not have to because of this typo all over again. And it is not a fact that the error will be made again. You can easily select Project at the beginning of the program instead of New File and load our project


Click Next and leave all the checkboxes on their places as they are, the only thing, that if you are 100% sure, that all is correct, you can put a checkmark Against repeat changes, in this case, if anything, you have to do all over again (OgreGUI also makes a copy with the extension .bak that she that what and have to redo if what). Click Next and that’s it! The programme is done! Click Exit or Run Result to see your creation.

And the final point is to put restrictions on our program. To do this, run the ORiEN program. At the top of the program press the Overview button and open the program as usual. We skip the General tab and open the Password tab, press the option to generate the password automatically using any symbols you want and check the boxes next to the generated passwords. Hide passwords – optional. Passwords can be saved just in case.

Skip the Key tab, go to the Demo tab. And set limits on your program, at your discretion, for example, to run for 30 days or just 10 runs, or you can all together. Drag the Slider (that’s how my informatician called it) down and write the vendor name, program name and version, if you have not already done it for some reason by OgreGUI program, the hidden registry key can be skipped.

Open tab Message and change the text in the message to your own, for example, at startup display message Trial version and put a check mark, in general, change the text of the messages under the checkbox, and remove completely unnecessary messages, so they do not pop up ever, for this you just need to remove the checkbox where it is. Standard header should be such as the name of your program, for example, Lamers death. Tab Options you can skip. Press Start and that’s it! The program is completely ready!

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