SORM 1; 2; 3 and SLEDOPYT tracking systems” fe shop tor link

Explore two systems, SORM and SLEEP.

Tracker : This system can track ALL movements, such as: the purchase of a ticket on public transport (by credit card or pass), on any land transport (trains, buses), air travel (duplicated by TROPA system). Flexible filter system, to search for the developed.

Conclusion : Cash on public transport. For flights and trains : ordering tickets online, with one two misspelled names. Abramov p in English. Thus, two mistakes in last name and first name ( one per line ), cut off the search query.



Developed in the 1980s. System, for listening to recordings of telephone conversations. Works only with terrestrial networks, mobile communication is not available. That’s where the specification ends.


This fiend, has full access : mobile operators, internet providers, RADIUS servers. This system, has flexible filters, search tasking, such as full name _ IP _ IMEI _ home and cell phone, home line internet, etc.

100% access to SORM only the FSB has, color has been cut down to 60%.

Example : you need to set moves and contacts. There is nothing easier, they take two parameters, IMEI and mobile number. SORM will filter this data in a couple of seconds. Who you’ve been in contact with, where you’ve been hanging out. If you do business with the mobile, you’re 100% hooked. Also, it makes no sense to carry two phones. One for general communication, the other for secret communication It’s easy to filter the movement of IMEI eves. And since you don’t need a wiretap authorization now. Information is automatically written in SORM. Coloureds pull it out quietly. Making a request to SORM retroactively. Changing IMEI on a mobile phone, it also needs to be done wisely. If the second subscriber did not change his IMEI along with his SIM card, and you called him, you are again under control. ( information will be taken from PROFILE )

Billing : cellphone is constantly marked on cell towers, going from tower to tower.

Conclusion : Do not use GSM to talk on business. Don’t carry your cell phone with you when you move around. Don’t use your internet lines for stuff. Somebody will say yes the connection is encrypted ALL encrypted traffic is mirrored to FSS servers!!! Then they filter packet signatures to determine what is malware, then they try to decrypt the rest. If they get caught up in the traffic, it’s a dead end.


This is more of an analytical complex. Closer to AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) This complex, creates a user PROFILE. PROFILE : this is where everything goes !!! Phone contacts, even those from a hundred years ago. Once emailed both contacts in the piggy bank. Preferential cell phone location, in a certain region city area. Where you went online, from your IP IMEI.

The crappy thing is, it creates a REPEAT of the machine that came up from your IP. And that’s 95% likely to identify the machine online. In criminal cases, it’s already come up as evidence.

In general, collects all the information in the PROFILE, even indirect.

Example : Vasya and Petya crossed paths, having called each other beforehand. Vasya is being investigated by the coloureds, Vasya was imprisoned for drugs and weapons. Petya is being investigated, who is he, what are his interests, contacts, criminal records. And it turns out Petya hangs out in clubs where junkies hang out. No need to explain that they’ll get their feet stuck in, with the accompanying equipment.

Of course, if a person is not flagged, no one will actively work on him. As far as communication is concerned, use left WiFi points. Negligence causes problems.

I think that this information will be helpful to many people. Not in a factory

fe shop tor link

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