SQLi and what to eat it with (2019)” credit card dump pastebin

It was winter, there was nothing to do. I decided to find out how people spam. If the theater as you know begins with a hanger, spam begins with fresh bases and in this chapter I will try to describe one way from million others how to get fresh spam bases.

And so we begin.

I will say right away for ardent critics that this HoWTo collected from many others which I found and gathered into one on the endless expanses of the Internet, and for the advanced spammer / hacker no meaningful load does not bear.

1) First, go to keywordtool.io/google and generate a list to search for the desired whine we want. In my case it is search work, save this list to the buffer using Copy All.

2) Starting SQLi Dumper. I wanted to make screenshots first, but changed my mind, because I have a lot of screenshots. The dumper looks like this:


2a) Copy the query sheet into the table in the center and select Automated automated search. In principle, that is all, the dumper begins to work. In the tab Injectables will be added automatically skully that he can find. I want to note right away that SQLi Dumper works very superficially and will fold in Not Injectables tab. If there are any tasty pages you can try the following item.

3) Launch Acunetix, it looks like this


3a) Click on New Scan, select SQL Injection as Target and select Url from the dumpster tab Not Injectables click on Finish. In my experience I will add that this program brings me more interesting results.

4) And so we have a pack of skunks. We need to save them. There is Havij for Windows, but it has not evolved since 2012 and I think sqlmap from the console gives more freedom.

4a) Look up the username in the database:

4b) Go to the gp_central database and look through the tables

4c) see what’s in members table

4d) Now we have all the info we need, let’s dump the dump.

That’s pretty much it. Now it’s just a matter of time, we have email and username to make the HTML mail. I’ll tell you exactly how to spam in the second part.

Thank you all for your attention!

PS: Soft and crack codes are not posted because I downloaded them from the Internet and their purity can not be guaranteed. But find them a lot of trouble for me

credit card dump pastebin

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