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Many are wondering how to do SSH encryption and thereby protect yourself from uninvited others?


As I am using the program entunnel, I will write using its example.


What we will need: 1) Entunnel 2) Hosting with Shell (ssh/ssh2) access 3) PSD (Permeo Security Driver)

First we need hosting with SSH Access is a penny, for example, I buy this hosting for $ 10 a month. It’s better if the hosting is purchased and not charged, agree it’s not pleasant if your hosting will fall while you shop.

So, PSD downloaded Entunnel too, first thing to configure PSD, you need to go to the properties check the In office (means that all programs that will burst into the Internet will intercept PSD). Then press Edit and write the local address and port 1080

Here we need to go to Applications tab, check Proxy all, click Exclude list and put the program entunnel there, it is done to prevent PSD from intercepting the traffic coming from Entunnel


PSD is now going to set up Entunnel The first thing I recommend is to set up socks in Entunnel settings so that you can connect to a server even via socks, this is done because your dark stuff will stay on the hosting. Go to Global options (right click on the tray icon), go to the Firewall tab, select Type socks 4 and fill in the socks and its port.

Next, create a new connection in Entunnel, type in Hostname: ip address of your hosting you will get it Port: leave 22 Username: Username, you also get it from the hoster And put a tick next to USE FIREWALL TO CONNECT (otherwise you will not connect to the server via socket)

Go to the Port Forwarding tab, click Add, put a checkmark in Manually select local IP address on which to allow connections and fill in the local address and port 1080 (i.e. this will tell the entunnel to listen to the local address) Check the Destionation host is different from the SSH server and put in another working socket

All then click ok? Press connect and enter Username (if not already entered) and password. Go check on _ to get the sock address.

If you gentlemen something does not work, then your hands are not much crooked, in my opinion I have described everything very clearly


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