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Friends, hello! I think admins will define this topic by destination, if I made a mistake. They are posting their updated SSH checker, the previous release of which was already 3 years ago by the link Go for it! Download:

I will tell you about the new features and remind you of the old ones.

New in SSH Checker v2.0

1. The new version of SSH Checker now allows you to choose from a large list of supported SSH sheet input formats. Supported formats:

The last format you selected is remembered, and is used by default the next time you start.

2. Writing scan results to a text file is done immediately when scanning, not after.

3. Output file format now looks like address;login;password[tab] amount of traffic on server[tab] static or not[tab] server info.

4. Optional output in the result file of additional checks amount of traffic on the server, static or not, server info.

5. Fixed some bugs when checking SSH accounts.

6. Unlimited multithreading is implemented, but I saved it for the paid version ?? for a beer !), there are 5 threads in the free version.

7. The interface is made English-language.

Full functionality

I hope you will like this update! And don’t forget to chip in for a beer!:drinks:

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cc mall store

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